The Witches Diary

Jinks a teenage girl living a normal life until one day she wakes up and sees something she's not supposed to see. She can see the dead. She can talk with animals. And most importantly she has to find her real mother and father. The mother and father she has known since she was a baby are Christians and Jinks is not. The more she finds out about what she can do the harder it is to keep the secret from her family.


52. Entry 52; Sep 27, 2018

I think its about time for a new notebook. Oh well, I guess I was hoping that this would last me the year. So Felix came over again this morning and he brought with him a card deck. I was so happy. I picked it up and just started having fun with it. I have to go now I can tell you more later.


OKay, I have been playing with these cards all day. I love them. Felix has been covering for me all day because during class I have not been paying any attention to the teachers. I really just want to know how these cards work. But I guess once I understand how they work and how to 'read' them as Felix says and then move on to something else. That is what I normally do. These cards those just feel nice in my hands. I guess tommorow I'm not going to be able to play with the cards. I wonder what's going to happen.

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