The Witches Diary

Jinks a teenage girl living a normal life until one day she wakes up and sees something she's not supposed to see. She can see the dead. She can talk with animals. And most importantly she has to find her real mother and father. The mother and father she has known since she was a baby are Christians and Jinks is not. The more she finds out about what she can do the harder it is to keep the secret from her family.


5. Entry 5; jan 9, 2018

          I have been so busy with school and this research about what is going on. I am trying to make it a point that I do this every day. But I have not been very good at it. I guess that is what I get for never doing this before. But some bouns of not doing this for a couple of days. I found out one thing. I found out that someone that was in my family traveled here on The Mayflower. I was shocked when I found this out. I mean I'm FROM England! How crazy and I was over here thinking that I was from Colorado. And the nightmares have been gone for a couple of days now. I still feel traces of them haunting me but they are gone too fast to try and get a grip on them. 

          The angel told me that he was trying to make sure that I got some sleep for the next few weeks. SOmething about me finding out something and needing time to understand more about myself. He has been so helpful. I also did something that I never thought that I would have been able to do. I felt my angel during the day. I couldn't see him so well but I felt his energy in my hands. I was trying to find out if I could do this one thing that I had read about online and I could better then most actually. I was amazed that I had felt anything at all. 

          I have something that I need to get off my chest. I pulled water out of the sink tap. I held fire in my cold hands as the snow fell down in the snow storm we had. I don't know how I can say it any better than that. It feels like I can do anything that I want to do with whatever is going on. I am also going to ask about what is going on. I think I am going to try to tell my mom about some of the stuff I have found out about our family. But I can't do that just yet. She is getting really worried about her unborn girl. She isn't feeling her move and nothing is feeling right to her. If only I could tell her something that I know without her questioning how I know it. 

          I didn't think I would be so consumed in my own life that I would completely take a new road. I have stopped going to church now. My mom and dad have stopped taking me. I guess it has something to do with every time I am in the church it just feels wrong. It doesn't feel right. I was trying to pick up the book from the sit and it looked like something tiny was sitting on it. I rubbed my eyes trying to find out what it was and it was still there. A tiny little ball of blue light sitting there looking like it was smiling at me but that couldn't have been right. I looked over and I was the only one that hadn't picked up the book. I sighed and just sat down next to it. It was a very odd church day. I should go now. I am in class trying to learn German. I don't know why I wanted to learn German but I am saying that it is better than trying to learn anything else. I guess that it just isn't an over-learned tongue.Bye. 

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