The Witches Dairy

Jinks a teenage girl living a normal life until one day she wakes up and sees something she's not supposed to see. She can see the dead. She can talk with animals. And most importantly she has to find her real mother and father. The mother and father she has known since she was a baby are Christians and Jinks is not. The more she finds out about what she can do the harder it is to keep the secret from her family.


31. Entry 31; Jun 10, 2018

So I am sorry that I didn't do this last night but it was late when it happened and I thought it would be best left for the morning. 

So what happened was is I saw a cool looking crystal on a necklace and I walked over to the person and said, "Hey I like your..." And they looked at me for a moment before smiling and hugging me and whispering in my ear 'Blessed be' I don't know what that means but they said they were a blood born and I don't know what that means. And then we parted. It left me with this happy feeling and I am going to have to tell Felix about it. I am sure that he will have something to say about it. I guess I will tell him when he comes over today to help me manage my energy. I still think he is on something that is making him see things. 

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