Fallout equestria: bloodshot

hi I am foxy and before we tell you the story of Brogan, I need to tell you something about this world. Earth was an amazing place, well until the portal opened, that day will always be remembered as the day the ponies ruled. Brogan was a normal kid well as Normal as a kid when his parents died. I don't know when his parents died, but I do know one thing he was very young, 6 or 7 when we were thrown into the vault. Now every day I see him walking in front of the vault door like someone is just going to open it, and his pants are going to be there. But then that day came, the day when Brogan escaped.


6. Well This Got Fucked Up

“Can't wait to see what you will say.”


I am standing by Nick and lela waiting for Brogan to answer but instead it is Tomes.


“Come in.” He says beckoning us in and we follow. We see a blue pegasus in Brogans bed but it’s not Rainbow Dash she is near the bed.


“Who the fuck is this!” Nic yelles pointing at the pony.


“It’s me Brogan.” He says groning


“I don't believe you.” I say looking over to Sonic just walking into the room.


“It’s him alright.” He says walking over to Brogan’s bed.


“But we have no Idea how it happened, one minute we were sitting in a hot tub the next he gets shot by a raider and we had to hide here.”


Nic said, “Brogan, we have to get the fuck out of here… Raiders are everywhere.”


“Well no fuck sherlock!” Foxy says walking in


“We would have left but as you can see Brogan was in no condition.”


“If you don’t leave and come with me to you know where, the Raiders are going to blow this place at midnight.” Nic said.


“Has anyone noticed that they have not come in yet?” Brogan says standing up his now new hooves start to shake.


“They would be attacking us, but no they are not.”


Nic said, “They will, at midnight.”


“And how the fuck do you know?” Rainbow Dash yells flying up to Nic


“I didn’t come because I was trying to lure one of the raiders who was watching you my way but he’s after you… they told me.” Nic said.


Rainbow dash floats back to the ground.


“How about this we head to Diamond city so I can do my business and you can get away.” Tomes says, he has been quite the whole time.


“That sounds good to me.” I say,


Nic pulls out his AR 15 that was strapped to his backpack and aimed it at Tomas, And then said, “Tomes is a Traitor.”


I start to back up.


“2 things, were the fuck did you get that and why are you accusing the person who saved a whole dam community!?” Brogan says walking of the bed touds Nic.


“He said,’he had to do business where I live, and Tomes... I saved that person you robbed two years ago.” Nic says.


“I swear I did no such thing!” he says raising his hands and backing up.


“Seriously nick I thought you were know better.” Sonic says walking over to nick and punching him in the face. Ok honestly I think he took it to far. Nic almost knocked Sonic and right when he brought his hand back, Lela stopped him.


Nic lowers his weapon and fist, and says, “Brogan… see ya’ round.” and then left with Lela.


“Micky are you going to leave with them?”


“I am sorry but I am going with them.” I say turning around to leave the last thing I hear is Brogan,


“Well then see you around to.” Brogan said.

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