Fallout equestria: bloodshot

hi I am foxy and before we tell you the story of Brogan, I need to tell you something about this world. Earth was an amazing place, well until the portal opened, that day will always be remembered as the day the ponies ruled. Brogan was a normal kid well as Normal as a kid when his parents died. I don't know when his parents died, but I do know one thing he was very young, 6 or 7 when we were thrown into the vault. Now every day I see him walking in front of the vault door like someone is just going to open it, and his pants are going to be there. But then that day came, the day when Brogan escaped.


10. Time for Revenge

“Well I hope Bloodshot is ready for a visit.”


I walk into the alley way then I hear a sound behind me, I turn around to see Bloodshot standing at the end of the ally.


“You know why I am here!” I say


“Ya, lets make a deal.” he says as he snaps his fingers 20 raiders come out of the shadow 2 caring hannah and push her onto the ground.


“You stop hunting me and I will let hannah go.” I look over at hannan who looks at me with desperate eyes.


“How I don't I know you won't just kill here?”


“I will give her to you right now.” he says as his men drag her over and untied her. She scrambles up to stand next to me.  


“Ok see you.” I say as he walks out with his raiders. We will meet again.




I walk into the apartment, Rainbow dash, micheal, sonic, micky. Are standing over foxys body. Sonic looks over at me and he stands up looking behind me. I step aside and hannah walks forward, sonics mouth just drops.


“we have to go to washington DC.”

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