Fallout equestria: bloodshot

hi I am foxy and before we tell you the story of Brogan, I need to tell you something about this world. Earth was an amazing place, well until the portal opened, that day will always be remembered as the day the ponies ruled. Brogan was a normal kid well as Normal as a kid when his parents died. I don't know when his parents died, but I do know one thing he was very young, 6 or 7 when we were thrown into the vault. Now every day I see him walking in front of the vault door like someone is just going to open it, and his pants are going to be there. But then that day came, the day when Brogan escaped.


12. The End

“Here we come bloodshot.”


We are walking through the state of illinois, or what's left of it, the specific town is chicago. Brogan is to my left he looks tired, rainbow dash is next to him, and sonic, nick, lela, michael, sean, and hayden are behind me.


“Who are you?” I hear a person yell, I look up to a building to see a bond hair, yellow shirt, with a slash across it.


“I’m Brogan this is rainbow dash, sonic, nick,lela, micheal, michy, sean, and hayden! What do you want?!” Brogan yells looking at him.


“My name is joe!” He says as he slides down the ladder next to him and then he walks over.


“So what are you guys doing her?” He asks.


“We are on our way to DC” I say looking over at brogan.


“Diamond city is in the other direction.” He says pointing behind us.


“No what I meant was washington DC.” I say clarifying


“Can we help?” he says I look over at brogan,


“What do you mean we?”




Brogans perspective


We are walking throw the waste, joe, emerald a purple haired boy, and jack a yellow haired boy, are at the front.


“Hey! Brogan you look worried, whats up?” rainbow dash says fling up to me.


“The...” I look up releasing there is no ceiling,


“The sky.” she rolles her eyes at me.


“Sary dash I am just worried, I feel the closer we get the closer we get to this being all over… and not in a good whay.” we walk in cilins.



One month later


I walk into washington DC, I look around nothing, But then there is a gay standing at the dock. He turns around to reveal he is bloodshot.


“Can't a gay die in pes!”  he yelles,


“What do you mean?” I yell back,


“You know that 1st message you got from your Pip-boy?” he yells, I look down at my Pip-Boy


4-5 months ago


“Remember: everybody she chose to betray us, her family, and the Pip-Boy repair guy.”


I turn off my radio then something catches my eye a file that looks corrupt.


File name: dh28dh38


Yep. Definitely corrupt. “Well, can't hurt to see what it is.” I push the button.


“Hi, I don't have much time!”


A harsh voice, but it sounds familiar.


“The overwrite code for vault 217 is ba263h. Now, if anyone tries to come after me, especially you, brogan, I will probably be dead Bloodshot sinning off.”


I sit straight up just, realizing what I heard.


“It can’t be!”




“Ya!... what your dead!” I say pointing at him.


“Yeap! I am a scythe!” he leans back and falls into the water. Now that was a year ago, today we have bigger problems.



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