Fallout equestria: bloodshot

hi I am foxy and before we tell you the story of Brogan, I need to tell you something about this world. Earth was an amazing place, well until the portal opened, that day will always be remembered as the day the ponies ruled. Brogan was a normal kid well as Normal as a kid when his parents died. I don't know when his parents died, but I do know one thing he was very young, 6 or 7 when we were thrown into the vault. Now every day I see him walking in front of the vault door like someone is just going to open it, and his pants are going to be there. But then that day came, the day when Brogan escaped.


8. Nick was right

“I wish Nic was here.”


I turn around and look at tomes.


“Is it true?”


“No it isn’t! I swear.” tomes says as we hear gunshots. Then there is a knocking at the door, I trot over and open the door to see another pony with weight fer and purple carly mane.


“Hi I am rarity now we need to get out of here before they blow this place up.” She says I just nod, But before we can leave rainbow dash runes up to her,


“Rarity you survived!?”


“Ya! Just because I am a woman doesn't mean I can't defend myself.”


“Well nows not the time to talk about what you are like we need to go to diamond city so I can do my doty.”




When we get there we split up, Tomes goes to where he needs to go as we go to the bare.


“Foxy fallow thomes to see what he is doing.” I say, fling up to him so I can whisper. He nods and walks away. A little while later we are in the bare, I am pretty sure rainbow dash has had too much. I slide her mug away,


“Ha! (hiccup) give me that (hiccup) back.” She says slurring her words together.


“You are drunk.” I say


“And your sexy.” She says as she kisses me on the lips and falls to the ground.


“Check please!” I says as I look over at rarity who is talking to a guy in black, he looks over at me and I can see he has bloodshot eyes. I stand up and walk over, then he raises a pistol.


“15647” He says then rarity slumps over like twilight did.


“Synths pretty neat right. Now get down or I will shoot” He says again.


“No!” I say swatting at his arm, then he shoots but it ends up hitting a chandelier and it shater. Everything goes crazy. We duck behind the bare, as a man in a suit walks in.


“Calm down!” he says as the back opens up revealing a kid with purple hair and a plasma rifle. I jump back over and run up to him.


“Hi, I am michael who are you?” he says extending his hand, I place my hoof and shake after we are don I say.


“I am brogan, that's rainbow dash.” then foxy runs into the bar.


“Brogan! Thomas is on the bad side!”


“Tell me all of the story.”




I lay on the bed in the guest bed room of nikes apart mint, Rainbow dash is laying on top of me asleep. Then she kisses me.


“Doyou wana havesex?” she says her eyes opening obviously still a little drunk, I kiss her back then she just stares at me.


“What?” I ask


“You are humanagen.” She says sinking out and slamming against my bare chest.I slide out from under her and go get changed. My as well go to the kitchen to do some tinkering. I walk over there and start to tinker.


The next morning I walk into the living room to see foxy on the floor dead.

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