Fallout equestria: bloodshot

hi I am foxy and before we tell you the story of Brogan, I need to tell you something about this world. Earth was an amazing place, well until the portal opened, that day will always be remembered as the day the ponies ruled. Brogan was a normal kid well as Normal as a kid when his parents died. I don't know when his parents died, but I do know one thing he was very young, 6 or 7 when we were thrown into the vault. Now every day I see him walking in front of the vault door like someone is just going to open it, and his pants are going to be there. But then that day came, the day when Brogan escaped.


9. A Boy Synth Copied


    I woke up from my bed, Lela was already out of bed. So I went into the city square. When I got there I saw Tomes, talking to my local bar tender. I pulled my AR out, got behind cover, and aimed for the shot… “BANG!!!” shot him in the leg for good measure… but I didn’t see robot fly off him, instead I saw blood. I yelled “FUCK!” and went over to help him.


“Tomas you're going to be all right.” I said. Knowing they had a decoy as Tomas knowing he was going to be in diamond City.


“Nic, I tried to tell you, they had me synth copied for 2 years…” Thomas said.


“I’m sorry.” I said. I pulled out my emergency medical supplies, patching his leg. Then I carried him to the safe house. Thankfully nobody was there at the time, so I took him in a secret room. “You might have to stay in here for now, ok.” I said.


“Ok.” he said.


Then I left the secret room and closed the door. Two seconds after that Lela came in and said she heard a gunshot. I quietly said, “Tomas is in the secret room, don’t worry he’s good. They had a synth copy of him. It was a set up to make me think he was a synth trying to kill me in diamond City.”


She understood. So I brought her to my room and then I remembered, I was going to take her out on a walk. So I said, “You want to go on the walk now?” She nodded.




We were walking for hours, untill we got back to the safe house. I went straight to my bedroom while Lela was cooking. I was just tired. As I layed down for a few minutes and then fell asleep.


What felt like minutes was actually hours. Lela was laying down facing the other side. I got up I was hungry like fucking hobo. When I got into the kitchen, I got out my old vape… Brogan always hated when I smoked cigarettes. I put some juice in it, and took a hit. “shhhh… “ And I blew out a thick cloud of steam. I thought that eating would be a waste of the time I could be having with Lela, knowing she was waiting. I took my vape with me, knowing Lela might want to take a hit. I opened the door to my room, Lela slumping over to the other side. Then she slowly opened her eyes, that's when I closed the door. “Hey, babe.” I quietly said.


“What?” she said.


“You said I deserved it Yesterday.” I said.


“Come over here than.” she said


I walked over to the bed, and she motioned me to sit down. “What do you want to start off with?” she asked.


NSFW (skip to SW if you don't like sex)


“The Good stuff.” I said, And that’s when it all happened, she took off her bra. Her breasts were nice and big. She used them to go over my chest, and up to the neck. Then she unbuttoned my pants. (And that’s when he knew, IT WAS HAPPENING.) Slowly but surely she pulled them down, and started sucking. 15 minutes later, I was dick hard in. She grabbed my vape and then took a hit. She blew the steam in my face. 30 minutes later, it was done and we were on the balcony taking turns hitting from my vape, looking at the stars. Then she went back inside, and I shortly followed.



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