Flying a paper plane

A man always wanted something she never had a “family.” His life plans went as planed, never fall in love, never make friends, be a success. Love is taboo to him , but when he decides to adopt a child, he learns new things and how small things in life can make you happy.


1. walking

Walking, something you learn as time goes by,you have to crawl before you walk,you have to walk before you run.Every milestone that you have reached, leads up to the happiest moments in your life.You need no one, you have yourself, isn’t that enough.Love is just a dumb emotion, and people are stupid enough to believe it, you don’t need it. At least that’s what I thought, before I met you.

I’m a doctor, a specialist, everyone was only interested in my money.I wanted everyone to know, I made it on my own, no one helped me, so what makes you think I would ever need love from a gold digger like them.Yes, I don’t do romance, I don’t fall in love, I never will and never did, but yet I still want a child. A kid of my own, someone I can teach, someone I can give love they deserve, the love I never had.

If your curious, yes I’m walking.Walking, the skill I learned so many years ago, on my own.where you ask, and what am I going to do when I get there. When I get there I’m going to do something I should’ve done a lone time ago. I’m going to an adoption center, to start a family of my own.

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