Flying a paper plane

A man always wanted something she never had a “family.” His life plans went as planed, never fall in love, never make friends, be a success. Love is taboo to him , but when he decides to adopt a child, he learns new things and how small things in life can make you happy.


2. Curiosity

I was met by a young blonde woman at the front desk of the adoption center.Her eyes lit up,maybe people don’t come here often.Well,it is the poorest city in New York,what did I expect,that it be a one of the best adoption centers in the country.I then smiled at her politely as she asked,”Hi sir,what’s a fine young gentlemen like you doing here.”Thats a awfully stupid question to ask, what does she think people tend to do when they come to an adoption center.I just shrug her question off and say with a keen smirk”well,this is an adoption center Silly,I came here to adopt a kid.”Her face turns a bright red in embarrassment,she then looked to the ground and says”oh dear, thats right,that’s a dumb question of me to ask.”None the less I smiled and walked beside her as se led to a small room filled with children from the ages of 3-10.”Sir,at the moment these are all are children available for adoption,all of the new borns and children under the age of three have already been adopted,the bright side of the situation that the small amount of paper work required for adopting children this age will mean you can adopt the child of your choice and take them home in the period of a week,you know after we have seen you home is adequate for a child,”she said over looking the children.All the children just played in harmony,all I could wonder is,who would I adopt.

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