The Harbour A novel

Tony Blake lives at Hollow Harbour in New York. When several people are found dead on a ship. he finds out that his life is in grave danger.


4. Hollow Harbour-4


Tony walked along Berry's Harbour. Carol hugged him. Suddenly they saw a boat in the marina. It appeared to be empty. "That's strange. Look! There's writing on the aft-side", he said. In italic, it read: Baxter Reef III​. Carol shivered. "That's a missing ship. I thought it was gone forever". Tony nodded. The Harbour had a lot of dark secrets; a lot of secrets which didn't want to be consumed by bad trouble. Carol looked at the sailors on other naval ships; the ships, (as well as boats), were docked by brown coloured rope which was wrapped around the old poles in the deep waters off New York. Tony, who hated crime, shook his head. "Captain Ed Absalom was supposed to be here. Dad knew him from the Naval Academy back in two thousand and one. It was in June 9 of that year in which they graduated with honours. If there're dead bodies in there, then we'll have to tell the United States Coast Guard, and the New York Police Department. In fact, I'll call them now". And he grabbed his I-phone...and called 9-1-1.


New York Police Department Chief Daniel Carson, II, stared at Tony and Carol. "So, you two were involved romantically, and decided to walk down Thurston Bridge, when you noticed the ​Baxter Reef III​ ship was abandoned. There's been, over the decades, a lot of mysteries that involve Hollow Harbour. And deaths are common place here; a lot of deaths which are unexplained". Carol shook her head. "No one's there, Chief; no one. Captain Ed Absalom is missing. He, and his crew members, haven't been seen for two weeks...or more. If he is dead, can you search the ship? Please?", she asked him. He nodded. Then he, and other police officers, headed on board the ship with a search warrant. Then they went on board, and searched the ship. For the past three hours, the police saw the dead bodies of the fishermen were found in their cabins.


"I want the ship quarters to be quarantined. I'll call the Coroner, Rohan Masters, MD. And everyone. It is​ nasty; very nasty", New York Police Department Chief Daniel Carson II, said in a strong voice. Over the last six hours, all of the city was abuzz with the news a major crime was in town. And, as Tony and Carol, left them alone, they headed back to their own homes, where their families greeted them with immense relief...and knew that their tale of adventure had come to and end.

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