The Harbour A novel

Tony Blake lives at Hollow Harbour in New York. When several people are found dead on a ship. he finds out that his life is in grave danger.


3. Hollow Harbour-3


Tony walked to the bridge. He was nervous. A cold, biting, wind blew across his tired face. He looked at the group of smugglers who were gripping knives in their scarred hands; he saw them cut grey coloured bags that was full of wheat. He backed away from them. Carol shook her head. She didn't want to be scared off; she was concerned about the criminals who were at Hollow Harbour. One of them, Craig Billson, grinned at them. "Good evening, Carol. It's been a long time", he said. He smiled at Tony. "What are you doing, Craig?", she asked him. "Making a living. I get paid double pay for the job here", he answered her. Tony shook his head. "Let's go, Carol before it's too late", Tony said. And she nodded, as they left Craig...and the other fishermen...alone.


Philippa Dane, one of the Hollow Harbour English teachers, gazed at the battering waves of the sharp rocks. She heard the sound of children's voices filtering across the spacious room. Miss Franklin, thirty, said: "Now, let's turn to page 5 of English 2. I want everyone to read, and there'll be silence until ten o'clock AM". Vickie Sher stared at Bob Frazier. He smiled at her, as he remembered his father Stan Frazier was an abalone fisherman who worked at night time. Philippa gazed at the glass window. She was determined not to think of school work, as the harbour draw her attention from her work. All of the Harbour children dreamed of going away from there when they turned twenty-one; all of the adults were too busy to care where their sons and daughters went too because they weren't around to give their parents grief.

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