The Harbour A novel

Tony Blake lives at Hollow Harbour in New York. When several people are found dead on a ship. he finds out that his life is in grave danger.


1. Hollow Harbour


T​he timing was worse for Tony Blake. He stared at the New York Harbour. A lighthouse's glow was over the serene water; the glow caused his blue eyes to close due to the bright sun. He stared at the edge of harbour. "Be careful of the deep water, Tony", Captain Brad Schull said. Tony nodded. He hated to think, or believe, in death. His mother, Tricia Blake, had died giving birth to him fourteen years' ago when she was at the Lower Manhattan Women's Hospital back in the winter of two thousand and three. She was thirty-three years' old. His father, Dale Blake, a sailor, was thirty-five. He brought his only son up as he left him at Uncle Red Lowers house with his wife, Daisy Lowers...and he was eager to see him experience a childhood which was free of danger. By eight-thirty AM, Tony walked away. Suddenly, he saw Carol Avery Douglass, and smiled.

"I was worried about you; I was thinking that you'd be dead like the other locals". Tony shook his head.

"What do you mean by that?", he asked her.

"I meant I saw two teenage runaways drowning in the harbour. It was horrible", she answered him. Tony looked at the crashing waves that battered the sharp rocks. The dark secrets of the harbour hadn't bothered him...until now; the secrets were kept secret for a reason. For now Tony shook his head. "That's the New York Police Department's job; it's not my job", Tony said. He was thinking about his own life in the harbour. Carol Avery Douglass, his first and only girlfriend, kissed him. "I love you", she said. And he smiled. "I love you, too". And he hugged her, as they headed towards ​The Cold Snapper Café, and ate  fish and chips for dinner.


Tony saw the group of fishermen smiling at him.

"I thought you were away", John Grove said.

"I was. But there's something I needed to do", Tony said.

"And that was?", John asked him.

"To be a captain of my own ship", he answered. He smiled. Then he watched Carol smile. "I'd like to be married to a ship's captain", she said. 

And he nodded.



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