Save Isn’t An Option Anymore

++Suggest the story in the comments++ Every time Frisk resets, the timeline gets a little more corrupted. By the 75th reset, Asriel remembers timelines and Frisk starts to lose control of her powers. She becomes less determined in each reset. When Asriel hears about this from Sans, he becomes really determined, more determined than even Frisk, to save Frisk and the Timelines. Asriel gains Frisk’s ability to control timelines. However, Flowey still lingers somewhere within Asriel, and there is a fight for control. Will Asriel be able to save the world?


1. Frisk?

”Frisk? FRISK?!” Asriel shakes Frisk’s shoulder in attempt to wake her up.

“Frisk! Wake up! I need to tell you something!” Frisk slightly rolls over, giggling. “What, Azzy?”

“I remember them. The ‘timelines’!”

“What do you mean?” Frisk sits up in her bed.

“The timelines. The saves. The resets!”

“You.. know about that?”

“Well, when you spend 12 Years with a demon child with those abilities, you’d expect me to know about it. I just..” Asriel trailed off.

“You just what?” Frisk asked in a concerned tone.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”


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