Angels And Demons Police Force

The year is 3512 and humans are long extinct. In their place, Angels and Demons live in an uneasy truce. 

Verin is an impatient demon that works as a 'Hunter’ on the police force who spends her days and nights catching criminals. One night her life is complicated by the arrival of a human via time machine into her own living room. Humans are, depending on who you ask, at the very least unwanted and while Verin is apathetic towards humans, she is feels obligated to keep the human a secret until he returns to his own timeline; unfortunately, his time machine is sabotaged.

Further complications arise when mysterious murders begin to occur involving unconventional perpetrators and the angel cult ‘The Order Of The Incorporeus’ and demon gang ‘Visignis’ begin making their move.


4. Chapter 4

If Verin was going to stick to places she knew she was welcome at, the most logical place would be one of her favourites, a demon frequented pub-restaurant called ‘The Tooth And Nail’. It was common to carry weapons in this area, so she proudly belted the scabbard securely around her waist so it hung from her left side.


The Tooth And Nail was located in the narrow stretch of the Entertainment District between the Central Business and northern section of the Low Income Residential Districts. It was easily identifiable by the coat of arms sign hanging outside the door; the crossed fang and spike motif hung within a frame, all of which was cast in heavy iron.


Through the entrance was a small porch leading to another door that led into the pub itself. The intention was to keep heat in, but it proved equally as effective in keeping cigarette smoke in as a thick cloud of it instantly greeted Verin. She was expecting it but her body still protested as her reflexes kicked in causing her to blink momentarily and emit a cough.


Inside, there was a long bar made of fire-resistant materials (as with the furniture in most demon populated areas), stained with years of spilt beer along the left wall, bar tables dotted haphazardly across the middle, and a line of booths lining the right wall. Lunchtime at The Tooth and Nail was quiet, though there were a few customers with irregular work hours, all of whom had opted to sit at the bar for a few drinks. Food was a more recent addition to the establishment, so alcohol was still the best seller, despite the rumour that the vodka was so strong that it could temporarily blind you. In fact, it seemed to even increase sales.


Wings proved an inconvenience when finding seating, so she opted for the bar tables and stools in the centre. Upon seating herself, Verin caught the attention of the only waiter on duty. The waiter was a demon dressed in a creased grey shirt and waist apron. His jet-black hair was tainted by a straggly grey streak above both his ears. His face bore a look of mind-numbing boredom that was quickly replaced with a grin when he saw Verin.


            “Hello, Verin. The usual beef burger?” he said warmly.


            “I was in a good mood until not long ago, Vetis. No more variety for me,” Verin said with a sigh before launching into a bitter tirade.


            “…and what does Queen Cervial do? Noth—” she was about to conclude her tirade with when Vetis hushed her.


            “I’d advise against cursing our city’s Queen,” Vetis said hastily.


            “Anyway,” he said, changing the subject, “So you decided to order your usual meal then?”


            “Yes. Back to the routine with me,” Verin said in dejected affirmation.


            “Hey, now, it’ll be all right,” Vetis said, putting a hand on Verin’s shoulder, “Remember the time you thought you’d try our hottest burger as your introduction into the world of spicy foods. I didn’t know your face could get any redder!”


            “Yeah…” Verin said, a smile tweaking at the corner of her mouth.


            “Your drink will be a minute. The steak will be about 20,” Vetis said with a smile, “Say, that’s an interesting sword you have there,” he said after a pause.


            “Thanks. It’s a strange design, one-sided and shorter than most, but it will be even better when I can find a way of restoring it,” Verin replied.


            “Try a sword restorer, there are quite a few, both angel and demon, scattered across Durum Terrae. I don’t know any off the top of my head, I’m afraid.”


            “Thanks, I’ll look into that,” replied Verin gratefully.


Verin was used to the cheap taste of the ciders sold at The Tooth And Nail. In fact, she kind of preferred it to more expensive brands, though that might be subconscious reasoning based on the cheaper price.


While Verin was waiting for her food, cider in hand, the front door burst open and a large and a muscular demon entered, holding the door open for a much smaller, but equally imposing demon. The large demon’s horns consisted of four small but sharp spikes arranged in a square, intersected by a black mohawk. A symbol somewhat resembling the letter ‘T’ with a line down one side of the horizontal bar was tattooed underneath his left eye. Besides his imposing presence and the facial tattoo, his most noticeable feature was the huge warhammer slung over his shoulder via a thick leather strap.


In contrast, his partner was slight of build, his face gaunt and eyes sunken with thick bags beneath them. An oversized suit and scarf, coloured in the Visignis gang colours of brown and red respectively, intentionally hid his bony physique.


            “Waiter,” the small demon rasped at Vetis, a scornful smile playing on his lips, “we have a private meeting with Shabriri.”


            “Certainly, right this way gentleman,” Vetis replied with practised politeness.


The Tooth And Nail was near the border of an area of Visignis controlled territory, meaning that attempts to gain a foothold in this area were becoming more common. This was in part why Verin continued frequenting the place, as she hoped her presence might discourage hostile action.


5 minutes later they re-emerged, swaggering to the exit. While, it was only a further 5 minutes before Vetis emerged with Verin’s meal, Verin’s foot was tapping restlessly.


            “Finally! I’m starving!” she declared before greedily digging into the barely cooked steak. Between mouthfuls she asked, “What trouble has Shabriri gotten into if Melchom and Angul are showing up here? Debt?”


            “Probably. The Tooth And Nail doesn’t get as much business as it used to, and because of its location, I bet Balaam is now demanding protection money. Shabriri is keeping quiet about it all. I think she is refusing ask for help in the matter.”


            “Damn Balaam. If it wasn’t for his involvement in so many businesses, we could bust his ass! But I’d rather Durum Terrae didn’t collapse, so he lives another day,” Verin ranted.


            “Steady now, Verin. You’re a Hunter, a representative of the law. Letting your emotions get involved like this will only make things worse,” cautioned Vetis.


            “You’re right as usual, Vetis,” Verin said with a sigh, “I can always count on you for words of wisdom”. The rest of her meal went uninterrupted and after paying and bidding Vetis goodbye, she promptly left.


Her hunger satiated, Verin headed home. Even by air it took 20 minutes for Verin to travel home. It was already dark and the less savoury denizens were beginning to emerge for the night. However, for Verin it did have some advantages as, like with Incubus and Succubus, she was more aware of the goings-on and rumours in this district, which her angel superiors did not. Incubus and Succubus did however hear more because they had fewer qualms in whom they associated with.


As she reached the bottom of the stairs leading down from her apartment’s roof, she heard a faint electrical hum culminating in the sudden, sharp crackle of a short circuit emanate from behind her door, which was accompanied with a momentary dimming of the lights, prompting Verin to tense, laying a hand on her scabbard.


Slowly, she unlocked the door, easing it open a crack and was greeted by a thick layer of smoke. Regardless, she inched into the living room, crouched and tensed for action.


What immediately caught her eye was what appeared to be a large brass sphere, about 7-foot in diameter, with four foot-long rods serving as legs. Around the top there were four smaller rods that electricity was arching regularly between. How it got into her living room without affecting the windows or doors mystified her.


As Verin approached, a heavy and thick looking door that protruded from the sphere and faced partially away from her, eased open with a hiss and a figure emerged.


Immediately on instinct, Verin tackled the figure to the ground.


            “Police! Put your hands behind your back, trespasser!” she barked as she retrieved a pair of handcuffs from her belt with a free hand.


            “Ah! Sentient life!” the figure said in muffled surprise eating Verin’s floor whenever he attempted to talk, and promptly offered their hands to be handcuffed.


As Verin snapped it onto the first wrist the figure objected, “I believe you are mistaken. I am not a criminal! I am a respectable scientist! ” They protested, turning their head sideways.


What little smoke remained had by this point dissipated sufficiently to reveal the last being she expected.


A human. A living, breathing human.

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