Angels And Demons Police Force

The year is 3512 and humans are long extinct. In their place, Angels and Demons live in an uneasy truce. 

Verin is an impatient demon that works as a 'Hunter’ on the police force who spends her days and nights catching criminals. One night her life is complicated by the arrival of a human via time machine into her own living room. Humans are, depending on who you ask, at the very least unwanted and while Verin is apathetic towards humans, she is feels obligated to keep the human a secret until he returns to his own timeline; unfortunately, his time machine is sabotaged.

Further complications arise when mysterious murders begin to occur involving unconventional perpetrators and the angel cult ‘The Order Of The Incorporeus’ and demon gang ‘Visignis’ begin making their move.


2. Chapter 2

1 day prior…


It was 12:00 in Durum Terrae, ‘The Hour of The Smog’, so air traffic was minimal. Only fools were this high off the ground. Fools and Hunters. Hunters didn’t have a choice. Hunters like Verin.


Hunters were a branch of the Durum Terrae’s police force that focused on field response to crimes, especially in the apprehension of perpetrators, or ‘perps’, of said crimes.


There were two kinds of members of the Hunters Division: fast or strong, and at 6 foot and heavily built, Verin was one of the latter.


Verin was a demon and therefore was red-skinned, with two dark red horns poking out from her thick medium-length hair. Unheard-of for a demon, however, she had straw blond instead of pitch black hair and her wings consisted of dull grey feathers instead of the usual bat-like wings.


Rain. Wonderful. And thunder and lightning. That will definitely help. Thank you weather, thoughtful as always. This had better not get too deep into my feathers or there will be heaven to pay, grumbled Verin sarcastically to herself, wiping rain from her flight goggles, as she flew over the Factory District of the sprawling metropolis of Durum Terrae that she called home, searching for her target on the ground below.


With all the smog, especially prevalent in this district, even the most eagle-eyed demon would struggle to pinpoint the fleeing gang member, but not Verin, who at that moment angled into a steep dive.


Her earpiece radio crackled into life as the radio operator chose that moment to attempt to interrupt her with a reminder to hold back and observe, though it came too late as it fell on deaf ears.


The rush of air as she accelerated faster and faster never ceased to exhilarate her. It was in her nature after all, as it was with all winged angels and demons.


The ground and the figure running along it were rushing up to meet her now as she began to level out, weaving nimbly between funnels extending from the factories like smoking fingers.


From there it took only a few seconds before Verin closed the rest of the gap, slamming into the perp and tackling them to the ground.


“‘You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law’,” recited Verin as she handcuffed the perp, “and I recommend you don’t do anything to piss me off as I’m not in a good mood”, she added with a growl, spoiling the effect by grimacing from a cramp that had recently been flaring up whenever she tackled a perp. Thankfully it didn’t last more than a few minutes, but she didn’t currently have the money to get it checked.


            “Graceful dive!” called out a mocking voice.


A worn and tired police motorbike coughed into view. The motorbike and its sidecar had seen better days, the leather seats cracked and faded from the many occupants over the years. Nonetheless, the way the driver held themselves on it made it obvious that they still thought it was the coolest bike on the Force.


The driver disembarked at that point, revealing a male demon with short spiky black hair and an unlit cigarette, stained yellow as per usual for the filth that was all most demons could afford, jammed firmly behind his ear. Their uniform’s top, a blue and white three-quarter sleeve t-shirt, was carefully creased to appear effortlessly messy.


Verin chose not to rise to the bait, but it didn’t shut the demon up.


“I suppose you did a decent job, love. For a feathered freak, that is. Typical that you would ‘forget’ to hold back and observe where they were heading; locating Visignis nests isn’t easy, you know. Didn’t Jeduthun remind you?” he sneered.


            “Go to heaven Incubus, I’m not your ‘love,’” Verin spat. “And besides, you groundlings were losing him in the factory alleys. You should count yourself lucky that you even had air support good at aerial takedowns. At least now we can question him.”


            “Ooh, Blondie has claws! One would think I accused you of being human!” Incubus said with a derisive laugh.


“They’re extinct, so why should I care?” Verin pointed out.


“Maybe you caused their extinction with that attitude!” he said with a mocking laugh. This time however, his remark was met with irritable silence that he answered with a disappointed sigh.


“Anyway, you can go back to throwing your weight around and playing your game of tag with the many criminals of the city. It’s all the Chief keeps you around for anyway,” Incubus concluded with the sneer quickly returning with his latest


On the verge of retorting, Verin managed to bite her tongue and instead turned her back on ‘The Sarcasm Generator’ and took flight.


It was barely a minute before her police radio squawked out another crime. With a sigh, she put Incubus from her mind and answered it. Due to the sheer number of angels and demons squeezed into Durum Terrae, it was inevitable that at almost all times of the day a crime was being committed somewhere.


The ‘somewhere’ this time was the posh area of the Entertainment District, where an angel had taken flight after robbing a jewellery shop. The smog was thinner in this area of the city, away from the factories, resulting in less erratic and harsh weather.


Verin received a detailed description of the perp while en route, which was usual for an upmarket angel-orientated area such as this because there were fewer risks to witnesses if they reported crimes.


The angelic shoplifter was clearly inexperienced on the point of escape as they could be spotted a mile off, hastily weaving through air traffic and nearly colliding multiple times. Once Verin closed the gap to only 70 feet away, they actually remembered to look for pursuers, and upon sighting Verin descending upon them, panicked. Cursing, they tried to shake her by curving up out of the bulk of the traffic and immediately collided with a broadly built angel. Dazed, the object of their thievery slipped from their hands and they began plummeting to the ground.


            “Oh great,” Verin groaned before angling into a steep dive in pursuit.


The shoplifter’s descent was slowed as it was interrupted multiple times by collisions with the air traffic allowing Verin to catch up. But instead of rushing to their aid, onlookers, and the affected once they had recovered, simply went on their way, unwilling to risk themselves, especially for a shoplifter.


            “Catch him you fools!” yelled Verin on reflex, exasperated but not surprised at the apathy. It didn’t hurt to at least try and engage onlookers, but it made little sense to onlookers to get involved because you could be ostracised by your peers or incur the wrath of one of the crime syndicates if you interfered in their business or assisted the police.


It had only been a few seconds since the descent began but the ground was rushing up to the shoplifter as Verin caught up and pulled the flailing body of the shoplifter into a rough embrace. Once secure, Verin angled out of the dive just missing the ground. The shoplifter faired marginally worse though as their legs were slightly bent, resulting in the heels being banged against the unforgiving concrete, taking off their shoe heels and some of the skin as well.


A yelp of pain then whimper prompted Verin to shush them with a sharp rebuke, “Oh, quit your bellyaching. You’re lucky I caught you at all!”


Upon touching down safely, handcuffing the shoplifter and reciting the Right To Silence, Verin called for a ‘Collector’ on the radio to pass custody of the shoplifter to. Hopefully it wasn’t Incubus this time as she wasn’t sure if she could stand more of his ‘humour’ so soon after the last session.


While she waited the few minutes tops it usually took for one to arrive, she looked around at the designer fashion shops that overlooked the river bank with disinterest, humming tunelessly with impatience; she didn’t exactly have much variety in her outfits as they fitted into three rigid outfits: smart, work and casual.


Her ears led her attention to a loud preacher who was well into their routine of damnation and the final judgment. From Verin’s position, she could tell exactly which, for want of a better word, cult, the preacher belonged to. It was also unsurprising that they were an angel based on their location and the subject matter of their preaching.


            “…The Order Of The Incorporeus is the only solution!” the preacher proclaimed, their long black robes flapping in the wind while the distinctive plain black blindfold that covered their eyes created a barrier between them and their audience, “The chosen people have tolerated the enemy for too long! Our great and wise Lord Of Death has returned, and he will smite…” they continued, but by then Verin had stopped listening.


Being a demon automatically made her the enemy in the preacher’s unseeing eyes in Verin’s opinion, so she didn’t have the patience to try and get through to them. For Verin, it was simpler to just ignore them. Unfortunately, others were more receptive to their cries of damnation and doomsday. Some even glanced fearfully or angrily around at Verin before hurrying away.


Thankfully, Verin was spared any more of the ranting as a Collector arrived to take the shoplifter into custody and restock her handcuffs.

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