Angels And Demons Police Force

The year is 3512 and humans are long extinct. In their place, Angels and Demons live in an uneasy truce. 

Verin is an impatient demon that works as a 'Hunter’ on the police force who spends her days and nights catching criminals. One night her life is complicated by the arrival of a human via time machine into her own living room. Humans are, depending on who you ask, at the very least unwanted and while Verin is apathetic towards humans, she is feels obligated to keep the human a secret until he returns to his own timeline; unfortunately, his time machine is sabotaged.

Further complications arise when mysterious murders begin to occur involving unconventional perpetrators and the angel cult ‘The Order Of The Incorporeus’ and demon gang ‘Visignis’ begin making their move.


1. Chapter 1

Rahmiel was not a physically fit angel. He just did not have the endurance to commit to the exercise regime that was now expected if he wanted to keep his job at the factory. If only he could have landed a managerial job he would not be in this situation.


The last words of his late mother echoed through his head, ‘Mindless manual labour is unworthy of a Malachai. I will not have my only son lowering himself to the level of demons.’ If he thought he might have escaped her ‘words of wisdom’, he was disappointed when his wife took up the mantle after the honeymoon period.


He could have at least prided himself in his gentle nature; he did not hate demons. He felt that for some reason he should, but just couldn’t find it in himself. That is, until 10 minutes ago when he found himself standing over a dead demon holding a bloody wrench. Though he could not recall how he got there.


Now he found himself with a stitch hurtling headlong down a crowded alley between the cracked and stained concrete blocks that were called apartments in the Low Income Residential District. He had considered turning himself in, but how could he use the excuse that he remembers nothing of the murder and simply found himself standing over the victim whilst holding the murder weapon. He didn’t know where to run to, especially as he had never been in this district before, but he had a sudden urge to head to the Entertainment District. He never had time to go there with his work hours, but for some reason he felt he would be safe there.


He just hoped he would have the opportunity to explain himself. Maybe even help solve the mystery. Maybe the officer who arrested him would understand. Maybe.

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