Jordan Sapphire

" know if I searched up the word asshole your picture would pop up" I say with the most sassiest tone known to man kind.
"Shut up!" he said as if I was a child.
"Do you talk to your mother with that mouth because if you do, I wonder why you aren't six feet under" silence. DEAD. silence
"RUN LITTLE GIRL RUN!" WELL good bye cruel world have fun without me..
"Before you kill me can I have one last request?" I ask sweetly
"What!" he snaps
"Go die in a hole mother fudger !" then ran faster than i have ever ran before
'AW MAN WHY AM I THE ONE TO ATRACT DANGER' was my last thought..............................................................................
when you get kidnapped by a Gangleader you think nothing can go wrong until you end up in Paris with a black glittery gun. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BOOK.



'When did my life become a horror story?' i asked my crazy self as I walked towards my destination. My second home. The abandoned park, I wish I did not have to come here every 7:35pm till god knows when because of my fathers 'issues'.

So you want to go and give that old man a one on one? you'd be knocked out by one hit.

NOT helping brain.

Glad to be of service m'lady.

I seriously need to focus because he might find me, I say and ignore all my brains nasty comments . A long exasperated sigh escapes my lips. I missed the good old days when me, my sister, Violet, and Dad played non- stop, without a care in the world. But all of that is just a distant memory, it all changed when dad got that job by the pub down the road. At first it was said to be 'temporary', yeah temporary my arse, he came home and started to beat us black and blue and that was totally 'temporary'. I used to take my sisters beats, but that all changed since we found out how to get away from the beats, the forest and the hill. You will understand later in the story.It like all my farthers good got over run by evil and it hurts, to know that there is nothing i can do about it.   

Sudenly a toe curling scream echoed in the forest and I know that scream to well.Violet. I ran so fast that I almost hit the tree walking towards me ....... wait .... trees don't walk.

No shit sherlock

not helping brain

Just as i was arguing with my brain,  a needle was stuck into my arm and some greenish looking liquid is pushed into my flesh.

'aw Mann not again this is just so not fair

Ha serves you right for making fun of me you Pegasus 

How could you I am actually a unicorn queen so if you would shut up I would like to get on with the story thanks

Love you to honey B-)



That is when i let darkness wash over me but my last thought being .............:

'why meeeeeeeee of all people'


hi this is the author, this is my first book so please no nasty comments and i will try to update as often as i can. 

Goodbye my lovely Oreos/unicorns 

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