Jordan Sapphire

" know if I searched up the word asshole your picture would pop up" I say with the most sassiest tone known to man kind.
"Shut up!" he said as if I was a child.
"Do you talk to your mother with that mouth because if you do, I wonder why you aren't six feet under" silence. DEAD. silence
"RUN LITTLE GIRL RUN!" WELL good bye cruel world have fun without me..
"Before you kill me can I have one last request?" I ask sweetly
"What!" he snaps
"Go die in a hole mother fudger !" then ran faster than i have ever ran before
'AW MAN WHY AM I THE ONE TO ATRACT DANGER' was my last thought..............................................................................
when you get kidnapped by a Gangleader you think nothing can go wrong until you end up in Paris with a black glittery gun. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BOOK.



Where the heck am I?


You mean we not just vous dum person



Anyways....wait..where am I? And where are are my oreo's????? Wait where the hell is my racoon?!

As I am mumbling about all of the thing I don’t have I notice a man staring at I do the only thing possible

"sup mate do you know where my racoon is and also you want to play cards" I ask as nicely as I can but inside I just want to order him around like the servant he is. muahhahhha. ha I'm so evil.

"Hi to you to and to answer your question i really don't know were your raccoon is but we can look for it later and yeah lets play cards after i get oreos " he says with a thick BRITISH accent and to top it all of he has a cheeky grin.

i look at him for god knows how long and then blurt out the question   everyone was waiting for...........

“Omg are you a majical unicorn that came to save your queen from the evil Pegasus that are jealous of my awesome powers?”

He looked very confused as why I would say that but then looked like he understood everything.

”Sure what ever you say your highness” he said bowing slightly I take the opertunity to get on his back wait.... you don’t even know who I am welllll I will have to hand it over to my brain, I call her jade, so she can explain since I am very bad at explaining things. If you are wondering ,yes, Jade is the one that helps me with my school work. 

Jades p.o.v 

Okay so we have butt long hair died into an ombré black and white (white at the bottom). Two different coloured eyes left blue and right green, we also have tanned skin, we are about average height we are also have an hourglass figure we have some muscles and that’s that.

Jordan's p.o.v 

Thanks Jade ,anyway, just arrived in a big hall with me on marks back, Yeah  I found out his name without Jades help, and when we arrived everyone turned to stare at us, like I know I am amazing and all but there is no need to stare, and that is when I saw violets scared features. As I tried to run to her but mark would not let go so I tried to ask nicely but he still did not budge so there is only one thing to do, I leaned back and pulled on him so hard, his body came crashing back wards but I flipped us over so he face planted.... and did not move, I will apolijes later, I thought waving it of. Then I ran so fast to violet I probably looked like a maniac but oh well.

Seeing violet calmed me down almost instantly but what made me see red, again, were the bruises on her angelic face I almost crushed her in the hug when I saw them.

”WHO DID THIS” I yelled so loud everyone turned to look at me some girls giving me evil glances but I didn’t care all I cared about now was  violet.

”I WONT ASK WHO AGAIN AND IF I DONT GET THE ANSWER I WILL KILL YOU OF ONE BY ONE “ so I have got anger issues big deal but it only happens if violet gets hurt. My angel. My life my only hope of sanity got hurt when I was not there to help, and when that happens someone or everyone is going to pay and I don't mean with money I mean with there life.

Just then a slutty idiot stepped out,(J= okay author why do we need her I mean yeah she was there but she is also very irrelevant like we don't want all those younger readers knowing I almost killed her (audience gasp)A=Yes she is important and they have a right to know now get back to the story unless you want me to take away your Oreos. J=Okay, okay on with the story. Sheesh, you are so brutal.) 


“Girl you need new eyes cause my sister ain’t ugly but you are then again you wont be able to look in the mirror without shattering it with your uglyness but can you say hi to the devil when your in hell thanks “ I said in a sickening sweet tone and let jade out only a little bit cause if she is in full control of a fight then she is out for blood this also makes my eyes go really dark and glow at the same time. watch out girl cause I'm out for revenge

Jades and Jordan's p.o.v

I charge at her and she tries to uppercut my jaw but I dodge and sweep my leg under her making her fall unto her back. Leaving her no time to recover I straddle her and start to punch her all over her face but then she flips us over and starts punching me but they were sloppy and I was able to block all of them so I saw a weak spot her shoulder blade it was a bullet wound  so I punch her there and send her flying. Did I forget to mention that I took karate and I know how to do marshal arts also that I did kick boxing . Oh well know you know but we only did them cause our mother thought we where an easy target since you know I am mentally unstable. Anyway I walk over to her taking in my art work, 10 new bruises as I was about to paralyse her when a dark thick British accent boomed saying:

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE !” It said making everyone quiver in fear except of course me and my amazayn skills.

"OMG Derek, all I was doing is welcoming her than she flipped out going ballistic and started punching me" that fudging liar.

“Well if you need to know the TRUTH mister suit person well I was beating her up because she insulted my sister and she underestimated my mad skill so I taught her a lesson you got a problem with that well I don’t care."

Jordan’s p.o.v

As I gain back full control I see everyone starting at me ha it was her fault anyway don’t mess with me gurl . So I do what anyone does in this situation. I sing/scream “I BELIVE I CAN FLY “ I then run to violet and pull her out of the room not before flipping everyone in the room the middle finger making them laugh what is funny I don’t know. But oh well.

‘Sweetheart are u okay cause if not I can do kill her?’ I asked her like it was the most normal thing on earth

‘No it’s okay big sis u already showed her who’s boss’ she said with an adorable cheeky smile at the end.

‘OMG I have to introduce you to mark he is amazing and he like Oreos ‘

‘Omg then why are we still standing her let’s goooooo’ she says happily and as long as she is happy I am happy. When we found mark he was still on the floor..... still knocked out .....with people surrounding him. This gave me an idea .

‘Sis remember the comedy with the dark humour?’

‘Yes why’

‘Why not do it now ?’ I asked hoping a yes.

‘Sure , so what happened’ she asked loudly.

I returned with the same tone’ well I was in my room reading a book’


“And a guy walked in with a potatoe “

“Go on “

“And I stabbed him 36 times in the chest”

“Jordan that kills people” she wines

“Oh I am sorry I did not know”

“Sometimes I question your mental state to communicate with other people, other than me, without killing them” she asked lol if only you could see the crowds faces after

“Thank you all u have been a great crowd” we say and we take a bow

“So u didn’t kill anyone “

“Actually i did his name was Billy-" but that was when I heard violet singing my fav song and I have been told by many people that I can sing but don’t believe them they all are liars.

And me being me I started singing

(The songs called I’m not a vampire by falling in reverse)

Well I'm not a vampire

But I feel like one

Sometimes I sleep all day

Because I hate the sunlight

My hands are always shaking

Body's always aching

And the dark is when I feed

Well I can lure any woman that I want to in my bed

With me

And whiskey seems to be my holy water

Mothers better lock your doors

And hide your daughters

I'm insane

Well, I can feel it in my bones

Coursing through my veins

When did I become so cold?

For goodness sake

Where is my self control?

If home is where my heart is

Then my heart has lost all hope

Well I'm not a zombie

But I feel like one today

Self induced comatose, chemical daze

My head is always spinning

From this dizzy, blurry vision

And my stomach has had enough

I feel like a lady

That is pregnant with a baby

'Cause I'm always throwing up

Hi, My name is Ronnie

I'm an addict

(Hi, Ronnie!)

Daddy should've never raised me on Black Sabbath!

I'm insane

Well, I can feel it in my bones

Coursing through my veins

When did I become so cold?

For goodness sake

Where is my self control?

If home is where my heart is

Then my heart has lost all hope

God bless all of you now

'Cause I'm going straight to Hell

And I'm taking you down with me

'Cause you know damn well

I'm insane

Well, I can feel it in my bones

Coursing through my veins

When did I become so cold?

I'm insane

Well, I can feel it in my bones

Coursing through my veins

When did I become so cold?

For goodness sake

Where is my self control?

If home is where my heart is

Then my heart has lost all hope

All hope

All hope

After singing my heart out I hear clapping and then a ball is thrown at me so I start doing head ups with it and it is really fun until the slut pushes me and I pull her hair seeing it’s a blonde wig lollll I could not stop laughing that I blacked out from lack of oxygen eel that’s one way to end a chapter.


Hi this is ur author so I hope you enjoyed this chapter but I need help with characters so please tell me what u think thanks so much bye my lovely Oreos





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