"Werewolves and vampires were always hunted by hunters and so far, they have wiped out three-fourth of their population."

1. One

"Vampires and Werewolves were always hunted by brave humans, us, called hunters, and so far we have wiped out three-fourths of their population," An old lady smiled to the small bunch of human children. "Can we be hunters too, Grandma?" One asked. The lady smiled. "When you're older," she said. "Then you can be an amazing hunter just like your dad." 

 The children smiled and ran off, playing tag or whatever games they played. I was sitting in the back of the room with my arms crossed over my chest. "Mathias, did you enjoy my story?" The old lady asked. I forced a smile. "Of course, Mrs. Mac," I said. "But I'm afraid I have to leave now." My stomach growled. Mrs. Mac smiled. "Of course, go on now, Mathias." Mrs. Mac shoo-ed me away. I sped walked out the library. I could feel my canines biting my bottom lip. My green eyes flickered gold and I shook my head. 

 Within seconds I was in the woods.  A huge brown wolf stood in my place with glowing gold eyes. I was so hungry! Mac had made me go to each of her little "Werewolf and Vampire" story time session. Did she really think I was a hunter? No, I was the hunted.

 Humans and their new technology forced wolves into hiding. They used silver stained swords and knives and even went as far as to use Wolf Bane! I growled lowly and stalked through the woods, my ears flat on my head.

 Juma called me back to the den after my spree. His cold blue eyes stared down at me, his lips pressed into a flat line. I stood in my human form, my head bowed. "Again?" Juma hummed. I slowly nodded. "Why must you always go on killing sprees?" Juma rested his head on his forehead. "It gives us food," I suggested. Juma growled. "But it kills! We need the animals for reproduction," I nodded.  "Yes, sir," Juma nodded. "And you won't do it again?" Juma talked slowly as if he was talking to a 5-year-old. I growled but nodded. Juma was like my family, I couldn't disobey him.

 He smiled. "Now go find your brother and play," I grumbled and stalked out the room. I immanently ran into Caden, my brother.

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