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Have you ever wondered what your love story would be like with your favorite TMNT turtle? No? Well come read and find out.
Includes all turtles. Not much else to say....
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2. When you Meet: Raphael


It was a dark night and you were angrily kicking cans along the sidewalk on your way home. You had just broken up with your boyfriend after seeing your so called "friend" and him kissing in a restaurant. You dumped him right then and there, your suspicions of them finally confirmed after weeks of getting stood up by both your boyfriend and friend. Angrily wiping the tears away from your eyes you failed to notice where you were going and were knocked down by a bike rider. You landed face first on your hands and knees, causing your palms and knees to scrape against the concrete and bleed. 

"WHAT THE HECK!" you yelled. You turned to the bike rider who was getting farther and farther away from you. "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!!"

Ignoring your bleeding palms and knees, you slowly sat up and one by one grabbed your things and put them in your backpack. Once you had finished you stood back up and brushed off your knees and palms and wiped the blood away. With the blood already staring to clot in the wounds there was no need for any bandaids. After getting all the excess blood away you started to make your way down the street once again. 

About five minutes had passed when you took out your phone and checked the time. 


You were late! You had to get home quickly or your bitchy step-mother was going to freak out over the fact that you broke curfew. You groaned and quickened your pace. Instead of taking the normal route home, you were going to have to pass through the dangerous part of your extensive city. Passing the school and the library, you walked into the dangerous part of town. 

You hardly took any notice of the two men who were following you after you had walked past a dark alleyway. With your sole focus on getting home, you ignored them and paid them no mind. 

"Hey girlie!" you heard a voice call. 

In an effort to ignore the cat calls of the men behind you, you put on your headphones and turned the volume up to the max. However in doing this, you sealed your fate in getting thrown into a world of chaos. In a alley up ahead there waited another man taller and stronger than the two who were following you and they all belonged to the same gang, the Purple Dragons. 

As you reached the alleyway up ahead your song changed, it changed to an aria that you liked to listen to while you studied: 


You were suddenly pulled into the alleyway and the headphone jack popped out of the phone and your phone started playing the vocal version of Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Op. 125 out loud. You were slammed against the wall and your eyes went wide. There in front of you were three men from the notorious Purple Dragons gang. They all had smirks on their faces that made bile rise in your throat. How they could do things like this was beyond you. Sure you were bad, but you weren’t this bad. It amazed you how people threw their lives away in a second’s notice. 

The leader of the three pulled a knife from his belt and sneered as he held it out towards you and motioned his head for the other two to go through your bag. As you watched the display play out your cocky personality couldn't help but poke it's annoying way into the situation. 

"Is this really the way you all make a living?" you asked. "I mean c'mon really? Picking unsuspecting girls from off the streets just to go through their bags for a measly couple of bucks?"

The leader sneered and brought his head closer to your face. "I wouldn't be quick to misjudge us, little girl!"

You rolled your eyes and looked over to the other henchmen. "My guess is that you three work for something bigger and your going against the rules with picking off other people other than what your operation allows."

The leader's eyes widened ever so slightly and his grip on the knife slackened a bit. You took notice of this and carefully proceeded with the plan of escape forming in your brain. You had seen some people in a Karate dojo practicing knife defenses and had observed. You weren't entirely sure that the move would work though. 

"Mind your attitude little girl. I could slit your throat here and now if I felt like it."

You scoffed. "Like I don't know about the Purple Dragon's operations downtown.”

“Practically everybody's been warned about you.”

You had to be careful though. On your back there was a giant tattoo of a Chinese tiger, the ancient enemy of the dragon and was a symbol of a gang that you belonged to. It just so happened that the Tigress' of Yin were allied with the New York City police in hopes of catching the purple dragons and other criminals on the streets of NYC. The gang was the mortal enemy of the Purple Dragons and was completely made up of women, in hopes of retaining the symbol of Yin. 

The largest and most likely the dumbest one of the three looked up from the bag. "Hey boss she doesn't have anything valuable!"

The leader snapped his head to the large man and you took this as an opportunity to lean your head back and try out the move. Unluckily though, it failed. You had successfully gotten out of the man's hold but you had caused the knife to cut open the back of your jacket and shirt, leaving you in your sports bra that you had on from working out at the gym. With your tattoo revealed and no experience or training in combat whatsoever, you were screwed. 

"She's a Tigress of Yin!" the leader cried. "Attack!"

Just as the men were about to converge upon you, four dark figures jumped down from the fire escape. They took out the three men and in the middle of the fight one of the figures accidentally knocked you down. 

Still a bit woozy from the fall, your vision was cloudy. As it settled and your sight become clear once more you came face to face with a green, three fingered hand. You trailed your eyes from the hand, up a green arm with armor, and came to a settle on the face of a humanoid turtle. He was wearing a red mask and through that mask emerald green eyes looked down upon you expectantly. 

Instead of taking the hand however, you shrugged it away and got up yourself with a smirk on your face. The look on the turtles face looked surprised, as if he had expected a different reaction from you. 

"Thanks for the save, but I could've handled them." you said. 

"Not from where I'm standing." the turtle responded. 

You looked behind the turtle and saw three others each with a different colored mask. 

"Name's (y/n)." you said, holding out your hand. "Not to seem rude or anything, but what are you guys?"

One of the other three standing in the shadows came out with a smile adorning his freckled face. 

"I'm Michaelangelo. But you can call me MIKEY!", he said, orange bandana tails bobbing up and down. 

"Nice to meet you Mikey. Would you answer my question?" I asked. "Your friend here in the red mask seems to be a grouchy mute!"

You smirked in the direction of the red clad turtle and he had a frown on his face as if he was thinking about something seriously. 

Mikey smiled and nodded and was about to answer until he was slapped in the back of the head and Mr. Grouch finally spoke up. "We were normal turtles until we got splashed by some icky green slime."

He looked at me with a surly expression before continuing. "Are we good now?"

You nodded and walked over to him, but not before noticing the cockroach behind him. You walked around him and then picked it up discreetly, as it was next to your tattered jacket. As I walked past him, you put it onto his shoulder. He felt it and then looked down and shrieked. 

"Aww is poor Mr.Turtle afwaid of little cockroaches?"

Said turtle's face was turning as scarlet red as the mash adorning his green face. 

"My name's not Mr. Turtle and I'm not afraid of cockroaches!"

"Well then my knight in sterling leather, might I know the name of my savior?"

He mumbled something under his breath. "What was that? I didn't quite catch it."

"My name's Raphael!" he shouted. 

You walked over to him and gave him a hug, making his face turn pink.

"Thanks for the save....Raph." you said quietly before grabbing your backpack and running home.

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