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Have you ever wondered what your love story would be like with your favorite TMNT turtle? No? Well come read and find out.
Includes all turtles. Not much else to say....
Happy Reading!


4. When you Meet: Michelangelo

It was late that night when you were walking from the arcade to the bus stop. You had stayed until closing time and were eventually escorted outside by the friendly owner as you won your last jackpot. In your backpack that was slung across your shoulder there were stuffed characters, pieces of candy, toys, knick knacks, and even extra tokens that hadn't been used, and comic books that you had read as you ate pizza for lunch that day in the arcade café. Over the years you had mastered each of the games in the arcade, whenever a new one was added to the collection It didn't take you but a couple hours to a couple days to master it. You were the undisputed champion at the arcade, your high scores reigning for several weeks until someone you let someone else take the title of champion from you. 

Walking past a streetlamp that lit part of the sidewalk and the street, you stopped by a telephone pole and pulled out your phone. Pressing the button on the side, the screen lit up and your face was illuminated by the light. You typed in the passcode and the screen switched to the home screen.

8:30 p.m.

"Crap" you muttered and started walking again, this time with a faster pace then before. 

If you didn't get home by 10:00 you were screwed. Your mom expected you home by then and if you broke curfew again then you were in going to be in deep trouble. As you were reaching the bus stop, you didn't fail to notice shouts coming from an alleyway. Curious to say in the least, you pulled your hoodie over your head and trudged quietly over. In order to minimize the sound you made, you pulled off your sneakers and shoved them in your backpack. However, even pulling off your shoes and putting up your hood wasn't enough to stop what was about to occur from happening. 

You peered around the corner and there in a heated battle there was a large akita looking humanoid dog thing, a giant venomous koi fish with robotic legs, and a large amount of sparking, black suited robot ninja dudes with glowing red eyes fighting four humanoid turtles. Being the idiot you were, you took out your phone and opened the camera. You centered the vision of the camera on all of the creatures and snapped a picture, the flash sound and light rebounding off the walls of the alleyway. 

The turtles, giant dog, and monster sized fish, along with the few robot ninjas who were still standing automatically turned and faced you. You stopped short. You hadn't expected them to stop and notice you!

"Get the girl!" Dog Face yelled.

You yelped and tried to run to the street. Unfortunately, you were grabbed and held back by two of the robotic dudes. As you were brought into the alleyway you got a closer look at the turtle dudes. Two of them were short, one wearing a orange mask with a distracted look on his face and the other with a red mask and a scowl on his lips. The other two were somewhat taller, one with a purple mask on and a worried look on his face and one with a blue mask on his face while sporting a worried and determined look. 

"Hey! How's it going?" you asked casually. This must've caught all of them surprise because every single one of them was looking at you like you were either crazy or mentally retarded. Even the turtle with the orange mask was actually focused on you!

"Why are you not screaming in fear?" the akita dog dude asked. You turned my head to the side a little in confusion. 

"What do you mean?" you asked. 

Red turtle dude spoke up. "You don't find any of us threatening or freaky in any way at all?"

You shook your head. "Nope! To be completely honest, I find Mr.Fluffy here quite cute!" 

You pointed to the akita dog guy and he sneered. The turtles and fish guy had a different reaction. "CUTE!?!?!"

"Look at him! He looks like a grumpy puppy who didn't get a treat!" you cried. Orange turtle laughed at this. 

"You know guys when you think about it....he kinda does!!" he said loudly laughing. The other turtles looked at him with exasperated looks on their faces. 

"What's your name doggie dude?" you asked. He sneered again and looked at me with disgust. 

Much to their shock, you head butted the dudes holding you and they went flying away from you, landing some three feet away unconscious.

You walked towards the dog dude and looked up at him. "Can I have a hug?"

"Are you mental or something?" he quipped. 

You ignored him and took a step forwards. "Come here doggie woggie!" 

"Come give Auntie (y/n) a hug!" you cooed, causing the dog man's eyes to widen and take a step back in surprise.

You were oblivious to the turtles and the fish guy laughing their asses off as you chased after the akita guy around the alleyway. You had finally cornered him when there was a noise that came from the dog dude's pocket. He quickly grabbed a phone from it and used his large hand to answer the call. 

"Hello?" he said. "Oh! Hello Master Shreder!"

"You want us back at headquarters?" he asked. "N-now? Okay Master Shredder I'll be there in five minutes."

The remaining robot ninjas fled along with the dog man and the fish dude. 


That's when you turned my attention to the still laughing turtle dudes. They were about to jump up onto the fire escape when you called out to them. 

"Wait dudes! Don't go yet!!" you cried, stopping them in their tracks. 

They slumped their shoulders and walked over to you slowly. "I have a few questions for you and then you dudes can go on your way!"

Orange turtle spoke up first. "Sure! Fire away!"

"Alright. First, what are you guys and who were the other people who just left, including Mr. Doggie and Mr. Fish?" you said, with for the first time in meeting them a serious look on your face.

"We're what you call mutants." the turtle with the purple bandana said. 

"Is the fish guy and Mr. Doggie mutants too?" you asked. 

"Yes, and they're very dangerous." the turtle with the blue bandana said. "So don't go seeking them out."

"I won't." you promised. 

"That was awesome!" the orange masked turtle said. 

"What's your guys' names?" you asked in curiosity. 

"I'm Michelangelo! But you can call me Mikey!" the orange clad turtle said. 

"Donatello or Donnie" said the purple masked turtle.

"Leonardo or Leo is fine." said the blue masked turtle. 

You looked at the red masked turtle and smiled. "And what's your name?"

"Raphael or just Raph. I could honestly care less." he shrugged. 

"Well, my name's (y/n)!" you said. 

"Alright well it was nice meeting you (y/n)" Leo said. "We have to go now though."

The turtles one by one jumped onto the fire escape and onto the roof. It was only Mikey that was left standing there. 

"Yes?" you asked. 

"Will you be my friend?" he asked, eyes wide with innocence.

You smiled. It really felt like there was thing that you had a common. You could almost feel a connection to the orange clad turtle standing before you. "Sure!"

 You walked forwards and threw your arms around his neck. He froze. You couldn't see his face but when he put his arms around you, you heard him sigh in content. "Thanks (y/n)."

You pulled away and kissed him on the cheek. "You're welcome."

Grabbing your backpack and not looking back, you didn't see the bright red cheeks of the orange clad turtle as he watched you leave.

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