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Have you ever wondered what your love story would be like with your favorite TMNT turtle? No? Well come read and find out.
Includes all turtles. Not much else to say....
Happy Reading!


3. When you Meet: Donatello

You were walking home after the science fair while dragging along your project with you. It had been a long day of presenting and hoping. Your feet were sore from standing all day and your throat was parched. It had all been worth it though. Gleaming proudly in the streetlights, hanging off the project in your wagon was a 1st place ribbon. You were proud of yourself for creating a machine programmed to turn fecal wastes from animals into a renewable energy source. Your project was sire to win first prize in next month's national science fair. 

On your way home you had to take a short cut through downtown in order to get home on time. Otherwise, your parents would go on a rampage and ground you from the internet for a week. You didn't want that to happen either. If it did, it would prevent you from going to nationals. 

While just starting to get through downtown, you were passing a dark alleyway and got pulled in. There surrounding you was about fifteen ninjas with glowing red eyes. You moved and kicked one where the sun doesn't shine. Big mistake. It was like the man was made of metal! You hopped up and down on one foot as you held the other while the glowing eyed ninjas just stood there like statues.

It was when you stopped hopping around like a kangaroo in a kickboxing fight that the ninjas moved again. They grabbed you by the back of your shirt and started to drag you out of the alleyway and towards a white van. You protested and tried to scream for help through the gag that was placed over your mouth. However, any sort of actions you tried to take to either alert someone of what was occurring in the streetlight lit streets or free yourself from the rope binds that bound your limbs together was futile. 

That's when he appeared. Along with three other shadowy figures, a large, almost six foot tall dark figure leaped down from the roof of the building next to you and landed on the metal-like ninjas. From the force of the impact, the ninjas dropped you and you squirmed into a corner between the building and the end of a fire escape. Your eyes wide with shock, you watched as three mutant turtles fought off the black suited ninjas.

There were four of them. One was clad in a red mask with sais as weapons, another was clad a blue mask with twin katanas at his defense, there was also one with an orange mask armed with nunchucks. But those three didn't catch your eye. There was one in particular, the largest of them, that caught your attention. Armed with a simple wooden bo staff; he twirled, jabbed, hit, smacked, and stabbed his way to victory with the wooden stick with a steel knife attached for extra defensive/offensive maneuvers. You watched in awe as he jumped, flipped, and flew through the ninjas, defeating them one by one. 

As the last ninja fell from the bo staff's knife end, you shakily stood up. In a rush of exhilaration you ran up and hugged the giant mutant. He seemed to be surprised though, because he was cautiously hugging you back. When you finally let go, the turtles face was a bright pink, clashing with his purple mask. You smiled and he returned it, revealing a tooth gap in his top front teeth. 

"Thanks for saving my life." you said. "You didn't have to do that."

Looking past you and over to the other three who were putting their weapons away, the turtle nodded and the other three disappeared back onto the rooftops. You looked up at the purple clad turtle and winked. You held out your hand and he grasped it hesitantly. 

"My name's (y/n)" you said. "You gotta name?"

The turtle blinked in surprise and let go of your hand. "You're not freaked out by my appearance?"

You closed your eyes and shook your head. "Nope! I don't judge people by their looks."

The turtle rubbed the back of his neck and laughed awkwardly. "I-I'm Donatello." he said. "You can call me Donnie though."

You raised an eyebrow. "Nicknames already huh?"

Chuckling, Donnie jumped up and landed on the fire escape. "Well if I'm gonna see you again you're gonna have to call me something right?"

You blushed and nodded. Chuckling Donnie waved you goodbye and you returned the wave. He then sprinted away. You shook your head in disbelief. 

Did I really just meet four giant mutant turtles?

Instead of dawdling on the thought, you turned around and faced your project. It was all bent and broken. It looked like you were going to have to make some repairs before nationals.

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