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Includes all turtles. Not much else to say....
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6. When He Thinks About You: ALL

Author's Note

This chapter will be in the Turtles' POV and you will be referred to as (L/G), (R/G), (D/G), or (M/G)....

Might be a bit shorter than the other ones.....


I was meditating in the dojo while my brothers were out in the living room playing video games. However, something that was in the very back of my mind was bugging me. As I calmly sat in the dojo under the tree, I tried to empty my mind and be peaceful. But whatever had been bugging me came to the front of my mind and seemed to be vey obnoxious about it. 

"Why was she so calm after seeing us?" 

"Is there some sort of reason for such a reaction?"

"How can she not have been disgusted by me and my brothers?"

"Is there anyway I can find out the truth to these questions?"

I thought about the last question for a moment. If I were to find out the answer to all of my questions, there was only one way to go about doing it.  Master Splinter was going to hate it, but it was one of those ties that I had to go against orders. I had to see her again. I had to see (L/G).


I was in the living room while Mikey and Donnie were going against each other in the video game that we were playing when I decided to go work out. I jumped up from where I was sitting on the couch, causing Mikey to shriek in surprise and the controller to fly from his hands. He lost to Donnie and he glared at me from the floor in front of the couch. 

"Hey!" he cried. 

"What?" I asked, feigning innocence. 

"You made me lose!" Mikey shouted. "Not cool dude!"

"Yeah, whatever!" I said, waving Mikey off. 

"I'm gonna do something else." I said. "Watching you two is getting boring."

Mikey grunted in annoyance and turned back to the TV while Donnie was gloating about how awesome he had been. I rolled my eyes at my two younger brothers and walked over to the punching dummy that hung from a pole. I started to punch the worn training tool and found something nagging me in the back of my mind. 

"Why was she so cool with meeting us?"

"Is there a reason she was so chill when she met people as messed up as us?"

"How could she have not freaked after being cornered by the purple dragons?"

"How had she not been hurt by them?"

"Would I ever get rid of these annoying thoughts?"

It was then that I realized that I wouldn't get rid of them unless I did the one thing that Leo would hate. I had to see (R/G) again. 


Mikey, Raph, and I were all in the living room playing video games when Raph suddenly got up and caused Mikey to lose. They argued for a moment while I was just gloating on how I had defeated my undefeatable gaming younger brother. Mikey turned to me and glared at me after Raph left. 

"Ya know, I would've won if Raph hadn't distracted me right?" Mikey asked. I shrugged my shoulders. 

"We'll never know now will we?" I said. 

"I call for a rematch!" he shouted and I closed my eyes and shook my head. 

"Sorry Mikey, I've got stuff in the lab I have to work on." I said and waved him a short goodbye before walking away. 

In the Lab

I was working on repairing the T-pod when something at the back of mind began to take my focus off the project. I tried to regain my focus and shook my head in frustration before settling back into working on the T-Pod. Five minutes had gone by and my focus had solely been on the T-Pod when the thought that had been bugging before came back, more annoying than the time before. I groaned in frustration and threw the tool I was using onto the worktable before leaning back in my chair, thoughts racing through my head. 

"Why had she been attacked by the foot?"

"Was she okay?"

"Why didn't she freak out when she saw us?"

"Did she have a science project with her?"

"Did she have a reason not to freak out over our appearance?"

"How can I find the answers to all these questions?"

That's when it hit me. The answer to solve all my problems with this situation. It was a solution that I could guarantee that neither Leo or Master Splinter would approve of. I had to go to the surface to search for (D/G). I had to know why. Why she reacted the way she had and what exactly about her could have attracted enough attention from the foot in order for them to attack.


After Donnie went to to the Lab, I started playing the game again. I switched to single player and played by myself for  about the next ten minutes before I got this weird feeling in the back of my head. It was like something was bugging me and I couldn't tell what it was. I shook my head in frustration and focused on the video game. That's when the weird feeling came to the front of my mind and I realized that they were thoughts!

Why did that cool dudette, (M/G) come into the fight?

It's cool that she didn't freak out over the way me and my brothers look.

I'm so glad that I have a new friend!

Is she going to be ok?

How do I get rid of these annoying thoughts? I need to play my game!

That's when the lightbulb appeared over my head. I had an idea! I would go to (M/G) and see if she was alright! I got up from my seat on the floor and shut off the tv. I threw the remote over my head and ran towards an exit. I failed to remember that I literally had no idea where (M/G) lived.

Third POV

Unbeknownst to (T/N), each of his three brothers was leaving at the same time, through different exits. They all had the same goal in mind though, seeing (y/n). (T/N) didn't even notice that he and his brother's yelled the same thing that woke Splinter up, causing him to hit his head. 



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