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5. Thinking About Him: ALL


When reading chapters like this one in particular take notice of the following things:

L/G= Leonardo Scene Readers R/G= Raphael Scene Readers D/G= Donatello Scene Readers M/G= Michelangelo Scene Readers (t/n)= Turtle's name

There's going to be a change in the point of view. From now on, the story will be in first pov, and your turtle will refer to you as (y/n), depending on the chapter scenario. 

(L/G)'s POV

I arrived at my doorstep out of breath from running. After telling Murokami what had happened he had let me clock out from work early. However, the weirdest thing was that Murokami almost looked like he knew what I was talking about from the look on his face as I told him of my experience with the turtles! I was curious if he actually knew about the turtles from what he had said when I told him. 

Shaking my head in frustration, I opened the door and walked inside my house. There, as expected, was my grandfather. He had an annoyed look on his face and was tapping his foot on the floor expectantly. I was in deep trouble.

My grandfather is Miyake Daichi, the last full-blooded descendant of the Miyake clan, a hereditary vassal clans of the great Tokugawa clan of the Sengoku period of Japan. The Miyake clan was related to the Tokugawa clan by blood and housed many samurai warriors that were soldiers who fought under the leadership of Tokugawa  Ieyasu, one of the three great unifiers of Japan. My grandfather (who is Japanese), married an American, & had my mother Miyake Chiyoko. My mother was only half Japanese, and she married an American as well, meaning we were only a quarter Japanese and had American names and surnames. That's us, (L/G) Hunt, (R/G) Hunt, (D/G) Hunt, & (M/G) Hunt. 

The door opened again and in walked two of my sisters, (R/G) and (M/G). (R/G)'s jacket looked like it had been through a paper shredder, and she was now her sporting her workout clothes and tennis shoes. (M/G)'s backpack looked like it had gotten a dust bath and she herself was covered in dust. Her backpack was overflowing with arcade prizes and leftover tickets and tokens. All three of us looked like a mess, and I was hoping-for all of our sake's- that my last sister, (D/G) looked in better shape than us when she walked through the door. 

There was heaving and grunting heard outside over the sound of a wagon being pulled up the steps. (D/G) was finally home and I was hoping that we weren't going to get into anymore trouble than the definite amount I knew that we already had upon our shoulders. The door opened revealing my second youngest sister and our grandfather finally stepped off the stairs. He motioned for us to follow him into the dojo. 

"Would you all like to explain why you are home so late?" Grandfather asked. 

We sat in a line in front of our grandfather as he paced back in forth. As the eldest I'd figured that it was my responsibility to confess my mistakes first. 

"I was attacked, Grandfather." I confessed. 

My grandfather stopped short and looked down at me with an eyebrow raised. He motioned with a hand for me to elaborate what I was talking about. 

"It was weird Grandfather. It was like I was in a dream." I stated, raising my head and narrowing my eyes. 

His eyes narrowed and I knew at once from the look he was giving me that he wanted me to stop talking like I was a child and elaborate clearly. "It happened so fast." I said. "One second I was delivering an order to a dress  and then the next I was surrounded by these three, weird-looking triplets wearing suits."

Grandfather nodded, regarding my words and motioned for me to continue.

"They had really bad grammar and talked funny. As they proceeded to corner me, they mentioned something about someone named Kraang and stated that they were going to take me to their headquarters." I stated, reliving the experience in my mind.  

I ran a hand through my hair from all of the stress in an attempt to calm myself down. "Naturally, my training helped a little, but in the long run it was no use."

Grandfather actually looked surprised. "What do you mean?"

I looked up at my guardian and teacher. "I mean I was unable to defeat them Grandfather."

"Their bodies were hard and almost metal-like." I said. "When I struck them, it was like they weren't affected at all."

Grandfather started to stroke his gray and white beard that hand from his face. "I understand (L/G)."

He looked down at me. "Is there anything else I should know about these attackers of yours?"

I played over my experience with the turtles and how they were dressed. They were ninjas, that much was obvious. If then they were ninjas, and ninjas stuck to the shadows, then it was plausible to assume that they wanted to stay a secret from the normal world. 

I looked up at my Grandfather. "No. Nothing."

Grandfather regarded me carefully and nodded. He then looked over to my sisters. 

I took a moment to think about Leo and his brothers. In any case, I was relieved that I didn't reveal the truth about my turtle saviors. It was the blue-clad leader, however, that I was curious about though. He reminded me of my mother by the way he was so easily able to lead his team like that in a fight. He was fearless in the face of the enemy in a way that I didn't thing I could ever be. It all seemed like a dream to be saved by someone who reminded me of the mother I had lost as a child. It was comforting in the least, to have someone like Leonardo and his team patrolling the streets of New York City, defeating evil and erasing it from the face of the Earth.

Although it was one thing to admire Leonardo for being the leader he was, it was another thing to have the feelings that were running through me at that moment in time. I was feeling hope and longing, hope and longing for the fearless, blue-clad leader that had saved my life. However, only the one thought that ran through my mind about the fearless leader caught my surprise:

Is there ever going to be a time that I was going to see Leonardo again?

(R/G)'s POV

As (L/G) finished her recount of her being attacked, I only thought it beneficial to confess next. Grandfather seemed to be regarding my sister's words carefully before he asked if there was anything else that he should know about (L/G)'s experience. She looked like she was thinking about something and then she looked up and stated that there wasn't anything else. 

Grandfather then looked over to (D/G), (M/G), and I and spoke. 

"Is there any reasons in which you want to convey to me on why you were home late?" he asked. 

I nodded and he turned to me. "Grandfather." I confessed. "I was attacked as well."

He looked surprised again and motioned for me to explain. "I was on my way home from the gym when I stopped by Murokami's shop for some dinner. I didn't see (L/G) though, she must've been out on the delivery thing."

Grandfather looked at me and regarded my words. I continued on with the tale. 

"I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you the reason that I stormed out of Murokami's shop, only that I was angry at something or someone." I stated. 

Grandfather nodded and a small smile graced his face. 

"Well, as I was saying, I was angry and stormed out of the restaurant." I continued. "I was knocked down by a biker and then I took a short cut home."

"It was when I was pulled into an alleyway..." I said. "That I was cornered by three members of the Purple Dragons, a vicious gang of criminals who pollute the streets of New York City."

Grandfather looked at me and frowned. I was being childish, and he wanted me to stop.

I sighed in somewhat annoyance. I re-adjusted my position on the tatami mats and looked up at my grandfather. "I was pulled into an alleyway and was cornered. Of course my training was helpful in defeating them, but before I could defeat them they saw my tattoo."

Grandfather looked at me and regarded my torn jacket and assessed the situation. He of course, knew about my outings with the Warriors of Yin, yet he was still somewhat surprised at my carelessness. 

"Is there anything else I should know about your attack?" he asked. 

I thought about revealing Raphael and the others, but something prevented me from doing so. It was like I felt like I was betraying a long time friend and ally even though I had just only met him and the others nearly thirty minutes before. "No Grandfather." I concluded. "Nothing."

"Very well." he said, nodding in assurance. 

I was glad I didn't sell out Raph and his brothers. It was like I felt reassured that I wasn't betraying him, and more rather protecting him by keeping his secret from my grandfather. He was headstrong like I was at times, he seemed to care about his brothers in the same way that I care for my sisters, he was loyal and misunderstood. All of these things seemed to be obvious to me from the very moment that I met the mysterious, red-clad turtle. But one thing crossed my mind in that moment, one that I wasn't sure I was supposed to be happy about. 

Would I ever see Raphael again?

(D/G)'s POV

(R/G) finished her story and that's when Grandfather turned to (M/G) and I. I was nervous to tell Grandfather what had happened to me this evening and I was hoping he wouldn't be angry at me for failing to defend myself. Grandfather stepped towards us and his eyebrows furrowed as if he was contemplating something. 

"Am I correct to assume that you two have a similar tale?" Grandfather asked.

I nodded slowly and looked up into his eyes, not being able to discern the emotion that they held. I then turned to (M/G), who was smiling to herself as she looked up at our grandfather. Grandfather looked over at her and she closed her eyes and nodded as well. 

Grandfather put one hand behind his back and used the other to stroke his beard once again. "(D/G)! I would like to hear the story of how you were attacked." he demanded. 

"Yes, Grandfather!" I said. 

I sat up strait and adjusted my position on the tatami mats. 

"I was walking home from the science fair when I was attacked in an alleyway." I started. "It seems that alleyways are a recurring place to attack people among criminals."

Grandfather gave me a look telling me that I was veering off topic. I straightened my back and continued on. 

"They were ninjas." I stated, causing Grandfather to look at me in surprise. "They were suited in black and had goggles that glowed red in the darkness."

Grandfather looked at me and regarded what I said. He nodded and I proceeded on with my story. 

"I temporarily forgot my training Grandfather." I confessed. "Therefore I was cornered by the ninjas and my project was ruined."

"I did, however, manage to land a hit on one of them though." I stated. "It was the one place that most men don't usually want attacked."

Grandfather smirked at my statement. It was a small smirk, but a smirk nonetheless.

"Although, that isn't the thing that caused me to be cornered though." I said. "When I struck him, It was like (L/G) said. It was like they were made out of metal!"

Grandfather noted what I said. However, that's when I paused. Did I really want to sell out my saviors when they were so adamant about even telling me about themselves? While the logic in my brain said that telling my grandfather about the turtles was what I was supposed to do, I went with my gut and decided against it. 

"(D/G)?" he asked. "Is there anything else I need to know about your attack?"

I shook my head and sighed before answering. "No, Grandfather." I said. "Nothing."

I thought about my decision for a moment. Had I made the right one? I concluded that I had, and that I had made it well. Donnie's face passed through my mind. That gap-tooth smile that I - for some reason - found adorable, and the way that he was flustered when I gave him a hug. I felt connected to him somehow. I had just met him, yet I felt that I could trust him indefinitely. There were certain things that I could tell from the first moment I laid my eyes upon him. I could tell that he somewhat lacked confidence in himself as I spoke with him. I could tell that he cared for his brothers from watching him fight. And I could tell that even though he was the largest of the turtles, he wasn't sadistic with his size. He didn't use his large size to bully or hurt others, he used it to protect those who can't defend themselves. 

Though all of this went through my mind, I was stricken with surprise at my last thought:

Am I ever going to see Donatello again?

(M/G)'s POV

I sat calmly on the tatami mats in the dojo. All of my sisters seemed to be freaking out over being attacked, while I on the other hand was sitting still and calm. My grandfather looked at me for my story. I sat a bit straighter and looked up lazily. "May I tell my story now, Grandfather?"

He nodded and I proceeded. "I wasn't exactly attacked though." I said. "I kind of walked into being snatched and used for bait."

Grandfather didn't look surprised at what I told him of my actions. 

"I heard something going on in an alleyway on the way to the bus stop so I went to investigate." I said. 

"There was a giant doggie and fish with robot legs. There was also some more of those ninja guys that (D/G) was talking about."

Grandfather looked at me and he frowned while starting to stroke his beard again. 

"Mr. Doggie was scared of me though." I said, a tone of sadness in my voice. "I met someone new though after Mr. Doggie, Mr. Fish, and the robot ninjas left though. So it wasn't all bad."

Grandfather looked at me and seemed to be thinking over my words. He then spoke finally after about two minutes of thinking. 

"Who was this new person you met exactly?" 

I stopped for a moment. Would Mikey and his brothers want me to tell someone about them being turtles? I decided that they wouldn't and decided against telling my grandfather the truth about Mikey. Even though I decided against telling the truth though, I felt as though I didn't want to sell my new friend out in the first place. There was something about Mikey, the air of innocence around him, that made me say no to it every time. I felt connected to him, because of the way he seemed to be innocent and oblivious to the hardships of the real world around him. That was the way I was before I lost my mother so long ago. But that thought wasn't what caught my attention. No, it was the question that I had thought of next that caught my curiosity:

Is it possible that I would ever again see Michelangelo?

Third POV {You are referred to as (y/n)}

Your grandfather paced in front of your siblings. It was early morning before school the next day and it had been at least a day since that night you came home late after being attacked/snatched and used for bait, and you were now sitting once again in the dojo of your large apartment after telling your grandfather of your experience. Your grandfather came to a stop in the middle and turned to face you and your sisters. 

"My granddaughters" he said, "It had come to my attention that you all have created new enemies."

You gulped and nodded with your sisters. 

"However, I do not want you seeking out these enemies for yourself, rather I want you all to be prepared for the coming tide." he stated. "Therefore starting today, each day you come home after school there will be a training session for five hours."

You and your sisters started to groan in annoyance before shutting up after your grandfather sent you all an sharp look. 

"Yes, Grandfather." you and your sisters said in unison. 

The times were changing, and you were certain that you were going to need (t/n) and his brothers' help for the coming events.

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