Autumn TO THE fall

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so let's start
AUTUMN a common girl, things started to get mysterious after she came back to her hometown, you will get everything here, just stick to Autumn, who knows what will you discover........



3. chapter : 3 sunshine


chapter : 3 sunshine

Autumn‘s Point of thinking (P .O. T)

I was on my way ahead to the farmhouse and sun was shining light bright in the blue sky. It was very comfortable and satisfying, warmness was touching to my face and caresses me delicately. It might be around  7 o’clock in the morning. I forgot my watch at the bungalow.

Oh! Boy, this place felt like heaven. This place was outrageous to me.  So, lively and lovely. I felt a connection with this place and new thoughts started to generate within. Over here I want to live my life at fullest.

Though there was big no pub, no disco, no bars for partying or having fun.  But this didn't mean people were boring over here. Here most people go for campfire or barbecue or family get together and mostly within the open sky. This was what I came to knew until now.

Let's see what were the new changes occurred while I was far away.

 After a long period of duration, I spent some good time alone as I used to do when I was small.

Otherwise, I was always surrounded by many people around me mainly in the office.


Ok!  Back to the story.

Yes! You heard me right a bungalow, which was really big and stunning. Walls were covered in all white and edges were painted with light cream and dark brown paint giving it a warm look. Doors and windows were made of sandalwood, which gave it a little whip of sandalwood fragrance as we go near to the bungalow.

 The bungalow was situated a little distance from the main gate. A road made up of round gravel goes to the bungalow from the main entrance gate circling the huge fountain made up of white marble and both sides of the road were covered by the special type of freshly dark colour grass. when you stand on the grass you felt like you were walking on the soft bouncy floor. It felt pretty relaxing and fresh.

These all things gave it a dashing and warm look with the touch of perfection all over it. It looked really impressive.

At the back of the bungalow starts the real farmhouse.

There was barn made up of redwood, very large fields, stable filled with horses, pond filled with koi fish and  swans, cows and buffalos, many pet animals and birds , sometimes I felt like I was in a mini pet zoo which was unbelievably huge, spread for miles the grasslands which could be used for creating a good huge golf course and much more . I think that would be a great idea of turning it into a golf course or maybe something like an amusement park.

The farmhouse was surrounded by the tall, huge and thick wall, which was also made by using the same smooth gravel as the road is made up of. It was very smooth which made it slippery so no one could climb it. Good measures are taken for safety and security.

It was opened and a big farmhouse spread across the 1000  hectares.

It was said that our farmhouse is the biggest one in the town.

These all were my childhood photo’s about the bungalow in my mind.

I wondered how my only grandma took care of such huge property. Let's see how now it looked like.

I didn’t know how much it was changed or remained the same as it was earlier?

I sighed.

Actually, I came here because my grandma was suffering from pre-stage cancer and the doctor said it can be easily cured at this stage. If get proper and regular treatment on time.

I work as a company secretary in New York in Atlantri. I am 21 years old and very mature with my responsibilities.

 When I was small I was a loner with a serious face, but as I grew up I changed myself to what the society wants.

 So that I can fit in it easily. But the emptiness is still there as always.     

Leave it.

 The truth is that No, one has time to listen to my stupid sorrow in this tough world. Everyone wants the result. They don’t see how you have done your work after facing so many problems.

 They will only see that work is done on time or not and how much work is done and try to find out mistakes in it. So, I made myself what they want TOUGH  GIRL NOT WEAK BROKEN GIRL AND SO I BURIED all real me deep inside and locked it forever.

Time will tell me that did I take the right decision or not?

 I lost my parents when I was small but it doesn’t mean  I am weak.

I fought my battle alone. My grandma told me that she can help me if I came here to the woodsy village for completing my graduation.  But I refused her offer. It’s not like that I don’t love her and don’t wanna live with her but I want to fight my battle alone and became independent and responsible for me.

I couldn’t leave my job .therefore; my plan is to take my grandma to New York to get the best treatment for her.

DK, my boss helped me a lot.I dropped my high school’s last year because I didn’t have enough money and can’t work part-time with my studies.

so, worked in a mall as a cashier. One day by luck I got a chance to a met multi-millionaire, the American business tycoon of the fashion industry, who owned a multinational company named Atlantri.

 I met DK in the mall. My shift was getting over and I was ready to go home when I heard voices of argument.

 I followed the voice and saw DK and mall’s manager were having some conflicts .so I just got there and don’t know why but solved their problem related to some calculation and dealing.


After some promotions and transfer I became the finally C.S. and here I am.

Don't you think its a miracle?


Oh ! silly me forget to tell you my name. My name is AUTUMN ALLEN ANDERSON.

Stop talking to yourself Autumn. I thought and I bring myself back to earth.

Oh! Look I reached to my grandma's farmhouse. By walking all the time with thinking about my past.

I saw many other different neighbouring farmhouses, as I walked. Each farmhouse has its own nameplate, which indicates the surname of the owner. It is stuck into the wall permanently.

Mr Smith.

Mr Hudson.

Mr Augusta.

Mr McDonald.

Mr. Garcia

Mr. Thomas

Mr. Swift


Finally, I reached my destination.I run into the big farmhouse which belongs to my grandma. As its plate hold my last name. 'Andersons' villa' is the name of the estate. I stood in front of the iron gate. I pushed the rusted Iron Gate inward which made a loud sound of screeching which filled the air for a second.

Whoa! This gate sounds different from normal rusting gate's sound and it’s very heavy too.

Weird! Kinda.

Oh! The gate is covered with dead ivy vine and plant clambers.

“eewwh,”I said with disgust. I hope grandma wasn't able to pay much attention alone to the farmhouse.

“Aahoa! Aahoa!” I coughed as the small dust from the gate entrance in my mouth, I waved my hand back and forth to get rid of the cloud of dust in front of my face.

Last night around 11 .pm.  I came here into my grandma’s car with her and we enter into this farmhouse as the gate was already open. I don't notice all these things at all.

 Then after we arrived I didn’t talk much as I was so tired from all day journeys and grandma felt my tiredness,  she just showed me my room and I took some snacks and brushed my teeth and directly gone to sleep.

However, in the morning, the main gate was opened .so I need not to had the encounter with it.

 The house was really big and I couldn’t find her room .so, I just leave a note about my walking.

The sound of rustling leaves from the right brings me back to the earth.

The corner of my eyes caught with some shadow moving on my left.

I jerk my head right to left. My heart skips a beat.

I squinted my eyes to focus on the bushes on the left. “Who is there?”  I asked aloud with confidence.

No answer. Just more rustling of leaves and then nothing, whatever it was it went away. I suppose.

Maybe some animal, I guess but the shadow that caught my eyes was bit bigger.

I am already scared of movements around.

“So! I guess I need to talk to grandma about this gate and what happened now……………….” I said coming inside and pushing the gate out.

As I was doing so.I felt that something is moving around my neck very slowly making me feel the tickling.

Hhaaaa! When I feared.I started to act little bit weird.

So, what it can be my hair or a dry leaf of maple or oak or an insect or a spider.

I never consider spider as an insect……… never tell anybody its a secret .they are evil. Observe their legs .yuck!

omg! Its a little butt headed monster.

“aaa aaa ! Mummy! Get away- get away” I shout in fear while jerking myself top to bottom and moving hands through my neck to all over the body. I hope, whatever it is just get away from my body.

Then I feel something on my nose. I bring my both eyes’ pupil on the point of my nose and saw black colour red eye spider which is around a size of an olive is sitting on my nose and straight staring at me.

My body whole is paralyzed. My face turns into weird funny looking horrible freak with different expression in a second. No words are ready to come out of my mouth but I can’t keep it also and don’t dare to touch that thing.

 “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaa! Grandma” I scream at the top of my lungs and ran into the direction of the bungalow.

Hearing my yelling and screaming, my grandma came running downstairs.

“What happened to my chew gum!” she exclaimed with surprise.

CHEW GUM! Really,chewgum! She didn’t leave the habit of giving the different name at different occasion.

 “Oh, my holy orange! Oh, my holy pumpkin! Grandma- Grandma, did you see that little monster on my nose please get rid me of it” I said to my grandma still closing my eyes in the voice full of terror and emergency.

“There is nothing I can see dear,” said my grandma in the worried voice.

And then I feel something moving on my cleavage area under my clothes. AAAA! It’s in there.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s in here! It’s in here” I said in hurry voice and started to take off of my clothes quickly and throw them on the anywhere while jumping like a grasshopper here and there.

“Where is the pool? Where is the pool?” I shout like my ass is on fire, running here and there around the room like a lunatic person. In my only black bra and lace underwear.

“In the backyard, mam!” said a blonde girl pointing out the way of a backyard and sitting on the floor laughing hard while holding her stomach.

I run into the direction backyard pool. After a few second I found the big round shape pool and without thinking for a second that I don’t know how to swim I jump into the deep side of the pool.


“Oh! No help! Help! Someone……………………..”I exclaimed as tried to swim by throwing my legs and hands here and there in the water.

I can’t hold my breath for long. My lungs are aching for air.

I air is cutting off in my lungs and so, I did a mistake.

I inhaled.

I heard the sound of splashing of water.

  Instead of air-water started to feel my lungs as I drown deep and deep into the pool.

 I stopped moving and become still in the water. I am going to die this is the end.

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