Her – my teacher

it's about supportive teacher....who support you and loves you, no matter what!


1. Behold her as she teaches greatly


Her – my teacher

Behold her as she teaches greatly

By observation her very deeply

So, enchanting

So, fresh

So, appealing

 So, benevolent

Recalling her flattened face

With the curve of two rosy cheeks

And the light of full lips

Made me encourage to sing

She teaches the interesting matter

Which will be remembered for greater.

So, optimal

So., supreme

Made me think of wonder

How she did all together

She divulged thousands of facts

And solved everly growing traps

When she smiles, the bubbles float

When she beams, the flower grows

So, natural

So, evergreen

Like a unicorn in my dream

The whole deity guider is and

Whole idol educator is 

She teaches the right and wrong difference

And clear the obscure fog

With much magical cure

So vivid

So sparkling

Like our holy all mighty

Very supportive

Very creative

With the touch of narrative and innovative

Though all smooth magnitude on her face

One can find the solitude as a trace

But hide it from everyone

In fear not to pass her sorrow to anyone

She smiles at everyone

Wow, that’s the real beauty of her

And that’s the real heart of charm

So pure so divine

Like a heavenly goodness   

In front of our eyes

With perfection of statuette

And the delighted league

Made one to intensified there knowledge

Without any deluxe college

So end up this legendary pun

And this is always in remembrance of me

Breathing taking angle

Our life supporter



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