Espeon x umbreon ( read your mind)

Espeon x Umbeon ( read your mind)

1. Summer

NOTE: I am not good at English, I doNt know it we'll, please don't hate on mi, so, now on too the story!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

As Umbreon trotted across the path in the woods, the summer glaze hit his dark fur, he heard tussling in few bushes. This Umbreon was vey curious and rushed over to investigate. A baby Eevee was hiding in the bush playing with a poke- ball.

" hey Eevee!" Said the Umbreon Curiously,

" do you know how to find out witch Eeveelution I'm going to be?" Asked the Eevee

" there is not way you can tell witch one you will be."

" how do evolve?" Asked Eevee

" there is a Krystal and you find, help to find?"

" yes," riplied Eevee

the two walked throgh the bushes, searching for evolving gem. When they finally found one, it looked as if anouther Eevee had about to evolve, the Two Eevees started to battle.

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