Suffering in silence

Hannah has just turned 14. She's been through a lot in her life like anxiety and bullying. Although bad things have happened it always gets better, this is because of her cousin (Emma ). Emma had been there for Hannah through all the tough times. But what's going to happen when Emma gets ill ?

1. Cancer

Hannah is 14 and she lives with her mum, step sister and step dad. She's never really been close to her family and when tough times happen at school the only person to turn to is her cousin (Emma). Emma is more like a best friend to her, she can tell her anything. 

It was a Cold Friday morning, frost was on the windows you could tell it's going to be a long walk to school. She set off thinking it would just be a normal school day but what she didn't know was that it would be the last day she would feel happy.

Arriving at school just to hear the bell for school to start ring. She walked to her first class. And then her second, not before long it was the end of the day. Walking into her house everyone fell silent. She sat down knowing there was going to be bad news. Bracing her self for the conversation, she sat twiddling her thumbs. It's was about a minute before someone spoke."Emma has gone to sleep..." my mum whispered,"And she probably won't wake up."

I just sat there in disbelief my cousin had had cancer since she was 11. When she got rid of it the first time we though it was gone for good, but I came back a second and a third it did many times before we noticed she had it 7 times. We were positive she was going to be alright but when the doctor gave the news, we weren't expecting what he said he said it was incurable and there nothing more he can do.

But when they said she won't wake up, I was refusing to believe them."She can't have gone!" I shouted," She wouldn't just leave!" I went to bed early, crying myself to sleep. 

In the morning I got some amazing news my cousin woke up. I was allowed to see her straight away. When I got to her hospital room I ran in and spoke to her for which seemed like hours I made her laugh and I made her smile ,Until it was time to go I left and waved goodbye.

I was so happy that my cousin was alright. But then we got the news we've been dreading...

She passed away. No tears came out I just stood ther and walked up the stairs. "Was I heartless because still no tears came out?","she was gone and there's nothing I can do about it!".




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