The Bridge of Darkness A novel

Markham Bridge in rural Montana, is haunted. As Fran James and her friends spend their Saturday night there having a party, they come face to face with the ghosts who have died there over the past century.


2. Markham Bridge-November 9, 2017


Fran James stared at Markham Bridge. She remembered Stacie Bring, her best friend, telling her about the ghosts; she shivered.

"They come out at night", Stacie said. Fran walked to the edge of the bridge.

"Don't fall!​", Stacie said. Fran nodded. 

"I won't!", she told her. 


Becky Davies, an Irish-American girl, who was seventeen, lived with her parents in Montana. She looked at the sharp mountain ranges; she glanced at the bottom of the old bridge. A cold breeze blew across her face. She saw Fran and Stacie. "Good evening, Fran, Stacie. I hear that there's ghosts around. Maybe we can use my Ouija Board to communicate with them", she said. Fran stared at the green grass. She sensed a deep sense of loss that crept through her body; she knew something was wrong. Then, as she gripped the black ropes with her small hands, made sure she didn't fall. Stacie walked towards her. "Be careful, Fran", she said. And, as they were prepared for the party, they were too busy to notice the ghosts were waiting for them.


Stacie placed her right hand on the Ouija Board. 

"​Is there a ghost here at Markham Bridge?​", she asked.

When the board moved to 'Yes', she smiled. 

"What's your name?​".

"Anne Baxter​". 

"How did you die?​".

"​I was pushed over by my friends. They thought my death was fun. I haunt the Markham Bridge​". Fran shivered. Then she screamed. And, as she shivered, she thought about the ghosts...and knew one thing was certain. She was going to leave the haunted bridge by Midnight.


Stacie looked at the Ouija Board.

Suddenly the temperature dropped to 52 degrees.

"It's freezing!", she said.

And, as they saw the ghosts, their hands grabbed her hair...and dragged her off Markham Bridge...and into the darkness that had engulfed them all.


"She's dead!", Fran screamed. She stared at the Ouija Board. She saw Becky was crying. Suddenly she saw the ghosts watching them. They glowed. By ten o'clock PM, the weather dropped to 41 degrees. She looked at the bridge's reigns. Seconds later, both girls fled Markham Bridge...and never returned.


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