three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


9. 9-Couple???

I gestured for him to come up stairs with me and he followed, he sat down on my bed as I went into my bathroom to get dressed, I closed the door and put on black tights and a white singlet with a dark blue cardigan, I threw on my white Adidas shoes and walked out to my room. Nick was still sitting on my bed but he was looking at his phone, when he heard the door he looked up and said ‘you look beautiful Ellie. I smiled at him and walked over to my bedside table to get my phone, Nick stood up and lightly touched my hand and said, ‘let’s go’, I nodded and we walked out of my room and headed to the door ‘I’ll meet you at the car’ I said as he walked out. I walked to the kitchen and told my mom I was leaving ‘okay honey, love you, have fun with your boyfriend’ she said to me as I was leaving the house.

I walked out and closed the door behind me, I stopped for a second and thought ‘he’s still not my boyfriend mom!’, I then thought about the past week and how we had gone on a date, kissed a few times, hung out every afternoon and even hung at school, ‘does he not want to be a couple’ I thought to myself, why won’t he ask me already. I stopped thinking about that whole situation and walked over to the car, we took his car this time and after about 15 minutes we had arrived at the café.

We had an amazing breakfast, we talked a lot and were there for around an hour, it was purely magical. When we left we stopped at this beautiful little park that had a few trees and healthy green grass. We got out and sat down under the trees and looked over to the big city, ‘it’s beautiful’ I said with a soft voice, I looked over at Nick and he said, ‘the view may be nice, but you are for sure the most beautiful thing around’ I blushed hard and smiled at him. He leaned in for what I thought was a kiss but he whispered in my ear instead ‘Ellie will you be my girlfriend?’.

authors note: hope you guys like it :) -Angelia

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