three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


7. 7- perfect

When we arrived at the movies we got our tickets and some popcorn, we headed to the massive room and sat right up the back where no one else was. The movie started and about half way through he grabbed my hand and looked at me, even though it was dark I could still see that he was smiling. The movie only had about 5 minutes left and I was sad for it to end, it was a romance type movie and it was amazing.

At the end of the movie we stayed for the credits while everyone else had left, we finally stood up and walked out of our row, right before we opened the door to leave, Nick stopped me and gently said ‘thank you for a great date’, it was a date, I knew it. He lightly put his hand on my face and kissed my forehead. ‘yes, it was great, but it’s not over yet’ I said to him with a smile, I grabbed his hand and lead him out of the cinema. We got in the car and I drove to this adorable little ice cream shop.

 We were there for about an hour just talking about life, things we love to do and just basically telling each other everything about ourselves. It was 8pm already so I decided that we should go home, we hopped into my car and started driving home. We had the radio on but It was only quiet, when we finally got to my house I turned the car off and he had already gotten out of the car and ran around to open the door for me, I got out of the car and we walked up to my door. ‘tonight was amazing’ I said to him with a smile ‘it was the best first date ever’ he smirked, ‘so it was a date?’ I said with a little laugh ‘of course it was, if you want to, we could hang out on the weekend’ he asked me with a nervous look on his face as if I would say no, ‘that sounds great’ I said. He looked up to me and we caught each other’s eyes and started to lean in for a kiss. In the movies they always talk about how they had their first kiss on the doorstep at night after having their first date and how they would remember that moment for the rest of their lives. This was the best night I had ever had in my life and I got to end it with the kiss that was written in history as one of the most romantic things to happen to a girl.

 When our kiss broke apart I went into my house and he walked over to his, I ran upstairs straight away and laid on my bed thinking about Nick and our perfect kiss. My thinking was interrupted by my mom walking into my room and saying, ‘so how did your date with your boyfriend go?’ with a teasing tone in her voice, ‘well first of all he isn’t my boyfriend yet’ I said sounding just a little bit sad but still happy, ‘well okay then, how was the date part of it?’, I stared at the fan as it spun around and replayed the date in my head once again until you said to your mom in a gentle voice ‘perfect’.

authors note: hope you guys like it :) -Angelia

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