three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


4. 4-Collisions

We got there and walked in I went and sat at the back and Nick sat next to me and looked at me ‘It’ll be fun to have you in all my classes, we will be able to get to know each other more’ he smiled at me ‘yeah it will be’ I said as the teacher walked in and did the normal welcome and explained all the school and class rules.

The teachers voice faded out as I started to have that feeling again, I looked over at Nick and he was already looking at me, he just smiled and looked over at the teacher. I was blushing again, why was I blushing, why was my heart beating fast again, so he was looking at me, not a big deal, get over it Ellie!

Our first class was over and we had econ next, we walked to the classroom and I sat down, he sat next to me again, the desks were small and it was a decent sized class so we all had to squeeze, he was sitting right next to me his arm was touching mine, I felt happy for some reason.

It felt as if econ lasted forever but when it finally ended I forgot about Nick and walked straight out of the class, I was half way down the hall when I remembered about Nick. I didn’t even look before I turned around and started running back to the class, but before I could even take 2 steps I crashed into someone. All I remember is hitting my head on the ground, as I saw everyone’s feet walking past, everything went black.

My eyes fluttered as I started to wake up, it felt as if I was out for hours. When I finally opened my eyes fully I was sitting down on the ground leaning against the lockers in almost empty hall ways, almost everyone had gone to lunch, I looked next to me and Nick was sitting there on his knees looking worried as if I had almost died or something. ‘oh my god, are you alright Ellie!’ he said to me in a worried voice. ‘yeah, I’m fine I think, what happened?’ I asked quietly. ‘You walked out of the classroom before me and when I came out to catch up to you, all I saw was you and some guy in a green jacket clash and you fall over and smash your head on the ground, the guy walked away without even stopping, what a dick’ he exclaimed, ‘you were out for around a minute, do you want me to get you some ice?’ asked Nick. I barely even heard him, I was confused and all I could concentrate on was Nick’s eyes, those big blue eyes, it’s like they put me in a trance, all sound was blocked out and I couldn’t hear what he was saying and I couldn’t hear him when he clicked his fingers to try and get my attention. ‘huh?’ I said confused at the situation. ‘are you okay or not’ Nick said sternly, ‘yes I’m fine, can we just go outside’, he nodded and pulled me up off the ground, I felt so weird when he lifted me, it was as if I was as light as a feather. After he helped me up he grabbed my hand and started leading me through the halls to the field where we could sit, the whole time we were walking I was staring at our hands, he was holding onto mine tightly so I held his tightly too.

When we got to the field Nick lead me to a big tree, the leaves were a bright green and the grass around it was soft as a blanket. When we sat down I leaned back and fell into the softness of the ground, I looked over at Nick and he looked at me with his sweet smile and beautiful blue eyes that anyone could get lost in, they put me in a trance every time I looked into them.

Soon I stopped looking at him and leaned my head back onto the grass, he then slowly started to lay next to me, I turned my body a little to ask him something, but before I could say anything he had moved his body my way completely and our faces were inches apart, I could feel his warm breath on my forehead. We looked into each other’s eyes and laid there in silence until he quietly said, ‘I’m glad I met you Ellie, do you want to hang out after school?’ without sounding desperate I quickly said, ‘yes that would be great’.

authors note: hey guys sorry its longer than normal, hope you like it :) -Angelia

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