three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


3. 3-Morning walks

Our moment that I can’t explain stopped after his brother yelled out to him to come help unpack, he slowly took his hand off my shoulder as if he didn’t want to move it but kept his eyes on me and started to turn around ‘I’ll see you tomorrow Ellie’ he kept his eyes connected with mine as he turned around. He broke his glance and started walking across the road I didn’t want that moment to end but it did, I turned around and walked inside, I closed the door and leaned against it I felt weird, I felt all mushy inside I had never felt like this before ‘what is happening to me’ I said to myself as I started walking up to my room. I got to my room and sat on my bed, why couldn’t I stop thinking about Nick, you only just met him, what was wrong with you?

I fell back onto my bed and stared at my fan while it went around and around I got tired all of a sudden and started to close my eyes. Then eventually they closed fully and I was asleep, drifting off into a state of which nothing mattered except me.

The next day I woke to the annoying sound of my alarm going off, I looked over and it said 7:30, ‘crap, I’ve only got half an hour to get ready’. I jumped out of bed and quickly put on my clothes, I then went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and put it into a cute messy bun and brushed my teeth, then quickly put on some light makeup. I stopped and looked into the mirror ‘first day of senior year, I can do this’ I took a deep breath and went and got my bag.

I was walking down the stairs when there was a knock at the door, I stopped and took a deep breath then I slowly walked towards the door and opened it, ‘Morning’ it was obviously Nick, he was standing there with two coffees and a paper bag ‘hey Nick’ I said calmly. ‘bye Tom’ I yelled to my brother who was eating breakfast in the kitchen. I stepped out the door and exchanged and smile with Nick. ‘I got us some coffee’ he said, ‘thanks, this is just what I need’ I said as I took a sip, ‘I also got some bagels, just in case you hadn’t had breakfast yet’ ‘perfect, this is nice of I you’ I said as he handed me a bagel and smiled. ‘let’s get going then’ I said as we started walking down the road, it was a pretty normal conversation we had as we walked to school, we talked about how he moved from London because his parents both found jobs here and what it was like living in here.

As we walked around the corner we reached the school, it was busy as normal, people sitting in their groups talking and the jocks throwing their footballs on the field. We walked into the school and Nick got out his sheet that had his classes on it, he handed it to me and it didn’t take me long to give it back ‘you have all the same classes as me’ I said to him. ‘really, well I guess I’ll just follow you’ he smiled and walked next to me as I lead him through the corridors to our first class. 

Authors note: hey guys here is chapter 3, hope you like it :) -Angelia

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