three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


2. 2-First connection

As I was trying to pull my chair off the rug he looks straight at me and yells ‘hey, you up there’ in my mind I am freaking out but I yell back ‘um hi?’. ‘come down here’ he yells, I turn around and walk out of my room, I basically screamed and ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my hair was a mess so I pulled off my hair tie and let my hair fall down, ‘at least I look better than before’ I ran down the stairs and opened the front door, that guy was standing in my front yard by my mailbox, he still didn’t have a shirt on ‘wow’.

I walked over to him and quietly said ‘hey’ he turned around and confidently said ‘oh hey there stalker’, I blushed hard and laughed a little. ‘yeah sorry about that, I don’t know what I was doing’, ‘its fine’ I’m pretty sure I saw him blush a little. It was awkward standing there not saying anything so I randomly said, ‘where did you move from’, he looked up and said, ‘I moved here from London’ that’s the accent I was hearing, ‘wow big move’ I said while shaking my head slightly, he nodded with a small smile.

 ‘what school do you go to?’ he asked quickly, ‘um blackwood high, about 10 minutes from here, I’m a senior this year’, ‘really I’m going there and I’m a senior too’ he exclaimed. ‘is it okay if I maybe hang out with you seeing that I don’t know anyone except you?’, ‘yeah for sure’ I said trying not to scream even though I really wanted to. Very nervously I said, ‘if you want to you can walk with me to school tomorrow, so I can show you where your classes are’, straight away he answered, ‘yes that would be awesome’ he said while blushing a little.

Seeing that he was blushing made me instantly blush, what were you doing? Blushing! You only just met this guy, you didn’t even know his name yet, I don’t know if he is a mind reader or not but seconds after ‘I’m Nick by the way’ he said smiling, ‘I’m Ellie’ I said smiling back. ‘so, I’ll be here at 8 tomorrow then?’ Nick asked, ‘yeah that’s fine’ I said calmly. I was just about to say bye when he puts his hand on my shoulder ‘thanks for being so nice, its hard being a stranger in a new town, well new country’ he giggled a little and smiled at me, I smiled back at him and said, ‘its fine, anything for a new friend’.

 Our eyes connected and for about 30 seconds we looked into each other’s eyes with his hand on my shoulder and for some reason it felt as if my heart sunk, as I looked into this boy’s eyes I didn’t just feel normal as if I was talking to any one, it was different it felt special. I had heard so many people talk about moments like this in books and movies but never felt like this before, am I overreacting, am I dreaming, or is this what people call love at first sight?.

authors note: hey guys here is chapter two, hope you like it :) -Angelia

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