three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


21. 21-final chapter

‘I love you so much, you know that’ Nick whispered in my ear as we slow danced on a beautiful marbled floor in front of all our friends and family, ‘I love you too’ I said softly as my head laid on his shoulder. Soon everyone joined in and danced with their loved ones or their dates, it was beautiful as we swayed back and forth to our favourite song ‘kiss me under the light of a thousand stars’ I sang quietly to Nick as we dance slowly, he looked up and saw the hundreds of stars shining in the night sky and then pulled me into a gentle kiss that lasted for about 10 seconds until we went back to holding each other as we swayed to the song, ‘luckily we had the party outside’ he whispered into my ear, ‘and the flooring, imagine trying to dance on the grass in these heels’, we both shared a small laugh and the song ended.

It was the most magical night ever and I never wanted it to end, but like all good things, it did. It ended around 2 in the morning and I was about the only one who was sober, it really sucked. Almost everyone had left before me and Nick were still sitting there at our table talking and laughing about the night, ‘let’s go home’ I said tiredly to Nick as I began to stand up, ‘wait, stay here’ Nick said to me walking around the corner, I laid my head down only to lift it up again when I heard ‘all of me’ by John Ledged playing, walking towards me was Nick, his tie was loosened hanging around his neck, he held out his hand and lead me to the dance floor.

We danced hand in hand while I laid my head on his shoulder, ‘you know I loved you, right?’ he said to me, I put my head up and kissed him lightly on the lips, ‘I know, and I love you too’ I said softly and I pulled away and grabbed his hands, spinning both of us around, ‘I can’t wait to start a family with you’ he says to me with love in his big blue eyes, I stopped and grabbed his hand placing it on my stomach.

He looked down at his hand and looked up at me with confusion, I took a deep breath thinking all the ways this could go, will he be happy or will be angry, will be sad because he wanted to wait or will he pick me up in his strong arms and shout joy. My heart beat faster and faster as I lifted my head and stared into his big blue eyes as he stared back at me, I leaned in close to his ear and whispered ‘I’m pregnant’.

authors note: sorry this was so short, i might do another book to continue, hope you liked this story :) -Angelia

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