three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


18. 18-Yes!!

In my mind, I was playing the past three years over and over in my head, all the amazing memories. Our first date, our first kiss, when we moved in together, All the hundreds of amazing memories with the love of my life were running around in my head playing as if it were a documentary. This is the moment I have been waiting for since I was a little girl, we were only in our early twenty’s, but does it really matter, we had stuck together, we had our own house, we were in love.

‘Ellie Rose, I had loved you since I met you, I knew you were the one for me, though you were checking me out, I knew that I loved you at first sight’ he laughed a little and stared into my eyes.

‘Will you marry me?’.

Those words.

I looked into his big blue eyes and softly said ‘yes’. He then pulled the ring out of the box, it was beautiful, I was slightly crying as he slipped the ring onto my finger, it fit perfectly, he stood up and pulled me into the tightest warmest hug, we shared a passionate kiss as we looked out over the city and sipped the champagne, I leaned into his chest thinking about the future.                                                           


authors note: Sorry its short again, hope you like it :) -Angelia


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