three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


15. 15-I love him

I looked into his eyes, his hair all wet and drooping down onto his face, ‘what is it’ he asked, ‘I need to tell you something’ I said with my voice shaking and little bit, it was cold and I was nervous. ‘what is it Ellie’, ‘I…I just want to tell you that’ I paused and looked down as my wet hair covered my face, ‘I love you’.

I didn’t want to look up, I was scared of his reaction. It was silent until I felt him lift my head with his hand and bring my face up to a kiss, ‘Ellie’ he stopped ‘I love you too’. As we kissed the rain poured down on us, we broke away and stared into others eyes as we walked towards our houses, I walked in and sat back down on the couch ‘he loves me’ I thought to myself ‘and I love him’.

authors note: sorry that this is soooooooo short, hope you like it though :) -Angelia

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