three years later (romance)

Ellie fell in love with her Neighbour Nick when they were in high school, three years later they are happy as ever, living together and having a great time surrounded by each others love.


10. 10-Oh crap

This was the moment I had been waiting for, the moment I had imagined in my head!, I looked into his big blue eyes and softly said ‘yes’. I moved my lips to his and kissed him gently, he kissed me back and at that moment I was acting calm but on the inside I was absolutely screaming in my head, I was so so happy that we were officially a couple. When our kiss broke I laid my head on his chest and we laid together on the sweet soft grass as one, finally together.

I opened my eyes and saw only grass, I leaned my head up and saw a massive tree above me, I was so confused ‘where am I’ I thought to myself. I tried to lift my body up but I couldn’t, something was holding me down, I turned my body completely around and saw nick laying behind me with his arm around my waist. ‘oh shit’ I thought to myself. ‘Nick!’ I said to his face, his eyes fluttered and then opened fully, he took his arm from around me and lifted himself off the ground, I too did the same and grabbed my phone out of my pocket.

I looked at the time and laughed, ‘what is it’ he asked me, ‘we fell asleep for an hour’ he laughed back ‘that’s the only problem living at the outskirts of LA, it’s always quiet around here’ I said to him. ‘yeah true, we should get going now’ he said, I smiled and nodded, we both got up and walked over to his car, ‘crap, I can’t find my keys’ Nick said digging into his pockets, ‘I’ll go check over at the tree’ I said to him and started walking over. I looked around and saw that they were at least 5 metres away from the tree down a little hill ‘how the hell did they get down there’ I said to myself confused and started walking down trying not to slip on the slightly wet grass, I realised that it had sprinkled a little when we were sleeping it just didn’t get us because we were under that massive tree.

I slowly walked down and grabbed the keys, getting up will be a bigger challenge I thought, I took one step and then another before slipping down the hill into a big pile of bark and sticks, I had let out a little scream when I slipped and Nick must have heard it because he came running over. ‘Ellie’ he yelled before running down the hill without even slipping a little bit, he reached me and there I was, lying on my side on top of my arm, I laughed a little bit when he came over and he pulled me up quickly, ‘are you alright?’ he asked me with concern, ‘I’m fine I think’ I said as I started to wipe off the dirt, I went to wipe it off my arms and quietly said ‘crap’ as I saw that I had a big deep cut on my arm, ‘hold this’ I said to Nick handing him my phone and starting to take off my cardigan, ‘what is it?’ he asked confused, when I pulled my cardigan off my arm Nick instantly saw the big cut on my arm right before I wrapped my jacket around it. ‘Ellie that looked really bad!, does it hurt?’ he asked me looking down at my arm, ‘it’ll be fine’ I said with a little wince as I finished wrapping it, he must have heard me because he asked to look at it, I unwrapped my cardigan and saw that it was bleeding all down my arm and all on my cardigan, ‘come on, I’m taking you to the hospital to get it checked’. I wasn’t going to argue because it really did hurt, Nick grabbed my other arm and pulled me up the hill, he didn’t slip because he was wearing gripped shoes and we walked over to the car, he opened the door for me, I got in and he jumped in the driver’s seat and said ‘I should have gone over to get the keys’ before kissing my head and starting the car. 

Authors note: sorry its so long guys, hope you like it :) -Angelia

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