Tropical Trespassing


1. One

As the boat approached the desert island, I looked at my team,who were also my closest friends, that were to accompany me on this adventure of ours. Between the five of us, Ginny was by far the weirdest. But in a silly way. Ginny was usually trying to cheer the group up— even if we where in a good mood. Which is a good reason why she’s such a good friend to have. Then there’s Max (Short for Maximus). Max is always being sweet and kind to me- and the group- but there’s a difference in how he’s sweet between me and the others. I think it’s because he likes me. But who knows, right? Max is the type that hates fights, so he'll never start one. But often he will break up fights, more specifically breaking up Sasha and Daniel from killing each other. Speaking of which... 

Daniel and Sasha are twins. Meaning they where rivals from the start. Never getting along, always trying to make the other miserable. From what I’ve gathered from the two, things have always been a competition. From brushing their teeth, to finishing their work. Sasha once told me, that her prom year she was on stage getting her 'princess crown' only to soon discover that it was glued to her head. She was not happy. But when Sasha’s not at her brothers throat, she’s usually taking photos of the scenery. Sasha is a photographer and she does it for a living. However, Daniels calling isn’t so pleasant. Daniel likes to play tricks on the group. His tricks range from replacing your real money with monopoly bucks, to filling your pillow case with pudding or melted ice cream. It gets a little annoying after all these years of being a group. But lastly there’s me. The adventurous type. Everyone in the group calls me Nim even though it’s not my real name. Not even close really. But oh well. I just can’t wait for the two years on the deserted island to come. That was the deal anyways. 


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