Kaytee and Sasha don't know what to expect when they enter the dark world!


1. What is that?

Kaytee and Sasha were your average girls until Kaytee went missing into the

gloomy woods! Sasha, determined to find her sister, ran into the woods to

go search for her. Obviously that was a bad idea but did it anyways.

Eventually Sasha found Kaytee staring up at a tree. Sasha was very scared

but approached Kaytee and said what was she  looking at. Kaytee just sat

there. Until a figure slowly emerged from the trees! She were dirty with torn

clothes, hair looked soft and was blowing in all kinds of directions, also her

fingers were long and crooked and her face was completely submerged in

her hair. But most of all.... she was hovering 3 inches above the ground!

Sasha immediately saw that Kaytee was beginning to stand slowly as if she

were mesmerized. Kaytee was strangely walking up to the 'spirit'. Sasha in

an instant grabbed Kaytee's arm in order for her to pull Kaytee back but it

was too late!


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