Then tell me who I am

A poem.
Simple as that.
There's not much to say.

(Part of my newest collection of poetry: The pain of realising it)


1. Who am I then?


I’m not a believer – I do not believe

I have no religion - I have no God

I’m not Catholic, Islam, Christian or Hindu   

I’m not straight, gay, bisexual or transgender

I don’t believe in heaven or hell

I don’t believe in second chances 

I see all our suffering and pain 

I feel our happiness – And I feel our joy

I may not believe in love – but I do care for my family and friends

I see our reality and what we hope things can be

I see the darkness and what light there’s left

I don’t believe in life after death or redemption of our souls 

I see all our sins - All our lies – Our differences

I have my own opinion – I have a right to say what’s on my mind

I believe that we are all equal – No one is better or worse than another’s

I know how special we are

I believe that we label others because we are afraid – afraid of what we don’t understand

I believe in philosophy and science – We need them both

I see how everything is changing – But hopes that it will only change for the better

I hope for a future – but will never forget the past

I see how things really are – and how I want them to be  

I am who I am - But I'm still a work in progress  

My personality and identity is original - so is everybody elses 

I will never apologize for who I am

I will never change because others thinks I need to

I am what I am

I'm unique - And so are we all

I'm a puzzle - Good luck solving it

'Cause I for sure haven't... Yet

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