The Apocalypse: Attack On Titan

Many years ago, a virus leaked out. This virus made the undead come to life. Those who are bitten by the undead will also turn undead. The last survivors went and scattered. Making three tribes. Tribe Sina, Tribe Rose and Tribe Maria. Out of the tribes come together a group of people who want to find the secret of this virus and go out unto the world. They are called the scouts. And this is a story abut a girl they find and how she helps them against the undead.


1. Meeting Her

Name: Wolf

Age: 16

Nickname: Wolfie

Looks: Long Red Hair, Blue eyes, Pale Skin, Red ears and tail

Appearance: Always has hair up in a high ponytail or french braid or twin braids. Has a black crop top, ripped black skinny jeans, back below the knee high boots. 

Weapons: Gun, Machete, throwing knifes.


Wolf was 10 when her parent took her and they left Tribe Maria. Making her leave her friends Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Alert. Her parents died before her eyes when she 13 leaving her alone at a young age. Wolfie had always wanted to go back home but knew she couldn't. She heard that Tribe Maria was attacked by zombies. She hoped her friends made it safe. 

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