Supernatural Imagines

Imagines about the Supernatural cast--Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and Alexander Calvert. WARNING: SOME OF THESE IMAGINES CAN AND WILL BE VERY GRAPHIC!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!


5. Imagine #5: Newborn Baby: Misha Collins Imagine

Imagine #5: Newborn Baby

Misha Collins Imagine

You are at home watching TV with your fiance, Misha Collins, when you feel a sudden pain shoot through your abdomen. Your water has just broke and you are about to give birth.

"Misha, it's time!!" you gasp just as another shooting pain cuts through you.

"What?" Misha asks you, his eyes still glued to the TV.

"The's coming!" you gasp.

"Oh crap!" Misha exclaims. "We need to get you into the bathtub."

You nod your head and try to stand up but the pain is starting to worsen. Misha scoops you up into his arms and carries you into the bathroom quickly. He starts the up the hot water making sure the water isn't too hot or too cold before he sets you into the bathtub.

"Remember what the doctor said, (Y/N). Breathe in, breathe out," Misha tells you as the panic starts to settle inside you.

You nod your head and close your eyes as you start to push out the baby. Misha grasps your hand tightly or you are grasping his hand tightly as the pain starts to become unbearable. You start to wish that you had been in the hospital before the baby's due date but you forgot to call in to ask your doctor to let you in to have the baby in the hospital.

The only reason why you didn't call in though is because of Misha being so famous and you didn't want all of the doctors and nurses gawking at him and not helping you while you gave birth to the baby.

You hear Misha's voice but it sounds distant as the pain in your body starts to become much more unbearable. You just want this to be over so you can hold your baby in your arms and have no more pain. Finally after a few more minutes of screaming and pushing you don't feel anymore pain and you open your eyes to see Misha holding a bloody baby boy in his arms. He has a towel in one hand and he is wiping all of the blood and fluids off of the baby's body.

"He's so beautiful, (Y/N)," Misha whispers softly when all of the yucky stuff is off of your newborn baby. "He looks just like you."

"What should we name him?" you ask your fiance quietly.

"I think we should name him Stanley. After our 12th grade History teacher," Misha replies.

You nod your head in agreement. Misha hands you Stanley after helping you sit up in the bathtub and you hold your newborn baby in your arms until your arms are sore.

"You should get some rest, (Y/N)," Misha says after taking Stanley from you. "You just gave birth and you look extremely tired."

You want to tell Misha that you aren't tired but you realize that he is right. You just gave birth and your body is weak from the process of giving birth to a healthy baby boy and you feel really really tired. Your eyes droop and you almost hit your head on the tile wall when you stand up. Luckily, Misha is there to catch you and he helps you out of the bathtub and into the bedroom where he places Stanley in the crib next to the bed. After he places Stanley in the crib he gets into bed with you and he pulls the covers over you and him.

"I'll be here when you wake up. I promise. Just go to sleep," Misha promises you before sleep overtakes you and you fall asleep in his arms.


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