Supernatural Imagines

Imagines about the Supernatural cast--Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and Alexander Calvert. WARNING: SOME OF THESE IMAGINES CAN AND WILL BE VERY GRAPHIC!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!


1. Imagine #1: Car Trouble--Jensen Ackles Imagine

Imagine #1: Car Trouble

Jensen Ackles Imagine


You are on your way to Comic-Con when your car starts making weird noises. You're on the highway so you put on your emergency blinkers and park your car on the side of the road. After you call your local mechanic and find out that it will take two hours for them to come you start to worry. Comic-Con starts in exactly two hours and you worry you won't make it in time for your favorite Comic-Con panel.

Just as you begin to call the convention center to tell them that you'll be late a car pulls up behind your car and you see Jensen Ackles step out of his car. You gawk at him through your rear view mirror as he gracefully steps out of his car and approaches your car. You've dreamed of meeting him since the first season of Supernatural came out on TV.

Jensen raps on the window of your car and you roll your window down.

"Hello," he greets you. "Are you having car trouble?"

"Y-yes," you stutter.

Jensen smiles at you and introduces himself even though you know he knows that you already know him.

"I happen to be very good with cars," Jensen informs you with a warm smile. "If you want I can help you and you'll be on your way in less than an hour."

You nod your head gratefully and roll your window back up so you can step out of your car and stand by Jensen's side so you can see him work. As the two of you walk over to the front of your car you go through all of the questions you've wanted to ask this beautiful man in your mind.

"Are you on your way to Comic-Con?" Jensen asks you as he opens the hood of your car.

"Yes," you reply. "How did you know?"

Jensen just stays silent as he checks out everything in the hood of your car.

"How did you know?" you repeat your question hoping he'll answer your question this time. You hope you don't sound annoying by asking the question a second time.

"You just seem like you're in a hurry to be somewhere," Jensen replies finally.

He tells you the problem with your car after a moment of silence then he walks back to his car to grab his toolbox. After he grabs his toolbox he walks back over to where you are still standing and gets to work on fixing your car.

"I never got your name," Jensen says as he works. "I told you mine but you never told me yours."

"Oh! My name is (Y/N)," you tell Jensen shyly.

"That's a nice name. Are you a Supernatural fan?" 

You bite your lip and nod your head in reply to Jensen's question. You watch him intently as he works on your car. You're glad that he was on the highway when he was because if he wasn't then you would be stuck on the side of the road for two hours and not be able to go to Comic Con.

You and Jensen hit it off great and you get to know each other more. Before you know it your car is fixed in less than an hour and Jensen tells you he'll see you at Comic Con. Before he leaves you give him your cell phone number and he gives you his cell phone number then the two of you are on your way to Comic Con.

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