An Unexpected Love:A Draco Malfoy Romance

Peighton is your average 16 year old witch in training and your typical teenager until she learns some things about herself and people around her. When she starts talking to a guy on a chatroom for witches and wizards she thinks hes amazing and starts falling for him until she finds out who he really is.


1. The beginning.


Loveless: "This will probably be the last time we chat until winter break at school =["


Princeofdarkness:  "Why do you say that?"

Loveless:   "Because my new school that my mom insists I go to is older than crap and im 99 percent sure they don't have wifi"

Princeofdarkness: "well this sucks I love talking to you we should owl or text whatever your comfortable with"

Loveless: "Texting is best I don't have an owl I have a kitten my number is 6132652838 i'll be looking for your text for now I really need to get ready for bed have a busy day tomorrow"

Princeofdarkness: "yeah I should go to I have stuf of my own to do"

Loveless: Ok goodnight xoxo"

Princeofdarkness: "goodnight sleep tight"


I logged off the computer and went downstairs to get a glass of water "hey hunny figured youd be in bed you have a busy day tomorrow" "I know mom I was just talking to my prince charming" "are you still talking in that chat room?" "well its private chatting with just two people and yes I am hes amazing" "but you don't know him it could be dangerous" "dont worry mom if we ever meet it will be in a public place with a friend close by I may be 16 but im not some stupid naïve teen i'll be fine" I gave her a hug and kiss "night mom" "night sweetheart" I went upstairs and checked my text messages:


"hey beautiful just wanted to make sure this wasn't some trick number"

"nope its real lol goodnight"


I layed down and went to sleep.


The next morning I got a shower and got dressed:


I went downstairs and headed out to the barn for my chores I may be rich and live in a mansion but my mother and I refuse to have maids and house elves and servers we would just rather do it ourselves which is something we pride ourselves in I walked to the barn over to my horse Serenity "morning girl are ya hungary?" I feed the 3 horses clened the stalls and fed the chickens and headed back up to the house where my mo was waiting "Ready to go get your stuff" "yeah just let me get my phone" I walked upstairs and grabbed my phone when I opened it I saw I had a message:

"morning beautiful how are you?"

"im great nowthat im talking to you just got done at the barn getting ready to head out with my mom"

"yeah im heading out to"

"wish we could meet"

"me to someday we will I promise"

I smiled and bit my lip and headed downstairs just to se my arch nemises standing next to my mom "mom why is he here" "im not thrilled either but my moms out on business as is my father so they asked if I could tag along with you" "mom!" "oh calm down peighton its not  big deal" "I hate him" "I hate you to feelings mutual not to mentieron you smell like bloody barn and covered in dirt its disgusting" "your face is disguting" "guys stop it or ill make you go alone and spend the day together" we both shut up instantly and we all went to hogsmaid we didn't speak at all to each other instea our noses were in our phones:


"ugh worst day ever"

"tell me about it im stuck shopping with one of the least people I wanted to"

"no way me to!"

I paused a second and muttered under my breath "nah couldn't be its impossible" I laughed at myself for thinking that "what are you laughing at mental case" yeh definatly not him I thought to myself after hours of shopping we went home

"that was dreadful"

"for sure so you excited for school?"

"not really Hogwarts is not my old school"

"wait your going to Hogwarts?"

"I am"

"no way"!

"yes why?"

"that's my school"



"well can we meet?"

"we should text you tomorrow?"

"yes cant wait Hogwarts just got better!"

"that it did good night beautiful"








that's all for now longer chapter to come feedback would be awesome!!!"

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