An Unexpected Love:A Draco Malfoy Romance

Peighton is your average 16 year old witch in training and your typical teenager until she learns some things about herself and people around her. When she starts talking to a guy on a chatroom for witches and wizards she thinks hes amazing and starts falling for him until she finds out who he really is.


2. Hogwarts


I jumped when my alarm went off didnt realize 6 am would come so early i yawned and drug myself out of bed and to the shower i got out and got dressed:



took another look in the mirror to make sure everything looked good i checked my phone to see if my online crush texted me which he didnt i was a little bummed but figured it was to early i went downstairs where my mom already had my stuff ready to go i herd a beep:



"morning beautiful so when do i get a pic of you maybe i can find you at hogwarts?"

"ummm i like the mystery of not seeing ech other im not exactly proud of how i look im a bit insecure"

"no need to be i bet your beautiful"


"ill talk to you later?"



"ready to go sweetie?" "i guess" "oh hogwarts wont be so bad i bet youll love it and make tons of friends" "we'll see" she apparated us to the platform 9 and three quarters "theres the train now call me everyday and stay safe things tend to go down at hogwarts" "yes mother goodbye i love you" she kissed my head amd i climbed aboard the hogwarts express and it was crowded it was hard finding a place to sit i then saw a capartment with just three people in it they looked nice enough "mind if i sit with you everywhere else is full" a boy with dark hair smiled "certianly" he motioned for me to sit down "im Harry Potter and these are my friends Hermione Granger and Ron weasley" "hello im Peighton but you guys can call me Rei" "wht house ar eyou in ive never seen you before" "Probably because shes new Ron" "well i didnt know" "youll have to excuse ron hes a bit of an airead" "very funny Hermione" "anyway i hope you land in gryiffondore another girl in the group would be nice" I laughed and i looked at my phone "nothing" i whispered "what was that?" "sorry i was expecting a text from someone" "a boyfirend ohh boy talk" I laughed at the eagerness in Hermiones voice "well kinda been talking to him through text and instant messenging" "ohh whats he like?" "hes sweet charming and funny" "is he cute?" "i-i dont know we nver exchanged pictures it takes the fun of the mystery away but he does go to hogwarts im hoping to finally meet him" "thats so romantic" "oh please" Hermione shot daggers at Ron he shut up instantly" I laughed "so does he want to meet?" "Yeah he wants to wait until some masquarde dance" "oooooo the one thats next week its the welcoming dance how exciting we must go shopping think you rmy new bff i need a girl in my life been around these bafones wayyyy to long" i laughed "i can always use a friend to considering i know no one" "well you made three i really hope you make gryffindore i know for a fact you wont gain slytherin your way to nice" "yeah but i am pureblood" "so theres plenty of those in gryffindore its al on your personality and whats inside" "that comforting last thing i want is to be stuck in slytherin with draco uck" "wait you know Draco Malfoy?" Harry said rather defensvly "yes unfortunately hes been my neighbor or my whole 16 years of life and makes my life a living hell" Harry relaxed a bit "think he does that to everyone hes a pain" "my mom use to babysit him he would push me hit me and hurt me  every chance he got" "wow" Hermione sat back "hes such a inconsidereate newt" "tell me about it" "well I know youll end up in gryffindore" "Hermione you don't know everything" "no ron but I know a gryyindore when I see one" "theres no way" "oh for goodness sake ron" Harry laughed I looked at him "do they do this all the time?" "yes all the time like an old married couple" my phone beeped


"hows it going so far enjoying your ride?"

"yes found some real nice people to sit with hows things going your way?"

"same old ride i take every year"

"im ready to meet you i want to know who you really are"

"dont worry you will next week"

"why do i have to wait that long?"

"i like keeping yo uin suspense"

"i hate it"

"then mission accomplished trains about to pull up into the station talk to you once were settled in"

"ok bye xoxoxox"

"bye xoxoxoxo"


just as he had said we pulled up into a station "welcome to Hogwarts Rei" Harry smiled at me i looked out the window and saw the students pour out no clue why but i felt so nervous i got up and followed the trio to where a tall guy was standing "welcome back guys and welcome to thoughs who are just starting if you are a 1st year or transfer please follow me the rest of yeh head to the carriages" i walked over with the others and waited "im hagrid the grounds keeper here at hogwarts there will be a sorting ceremony so when you enter the hall you will stand at the alter to get sorted into yer house alrigh then follow me this way" we followed him towards some carriages that lead to a big lit castle it was quite the sight it was beautiful it looked so majestic like something out of a storybook I smile when my phone buzzed:


"So what do you think about the place so far?"

"its beautiful I never imagined it to be this pretty"

"Told you hogwarts isn't all bad"

"almost time for sorting I'll text you later to see what house you got"

"ok bye"


"right later"


We got to the castle and went through the giant entrace it was even preittier than outside I was finally gtting excited about hogwarts we went through the door that lead to a huge hall where students sat at color specified tables and in the front sat all the professors and dead center sat Albus Dumbledore w we stopped in front of the table where dumbledore stood up "welcome all new students to Hogwarts some rules do apply curfew is 11pm classe starts at 9 am sharp and all classes are over by 4pm weekends off, the dark forest is forbidden detention will be issued to any student who is caught near it also professor Snape will be taking care of Defense against the dark arts class and professor Slughorn will be taking over potions so from here on out potions will be on the 4th floor and defense against the dark arts will be in the dungeon now let the sorting begin professor Mcgonagall the floor is yours" "thank you albus now lets start with the new students theres only 4 of you Hilary  Foust" a girl with dark hair and green eyes walked slowly to the chair and the professor place an old grudgy looking hat on her head "ahhhh such shyness and bravery and a heart that never gives up your defiantly a GRYFFINDORE!!!!!!" a table wearing black and gold and scarlet stood up cheering as she walked to the table "Rodrick Homestead" when he got s so rted into ravenlaw a table wearing blue blacknand silver started cheering "Peighton Miller" I jumped when I herd my name I walked upand sat be down "hmmm how strange come from a line of purebloods powerful ones at that perfect for slytherin but your kindness caring and strength overwhelms the dark in you I feel youd do well in slytherin but better be GRYFFINDORE! !" I ran over  to tge table and sat down next to hermione "told you I know a gryffindore when I see one" I smied "never doubted you for a second hermione" she smiled we finished the sorting and ate then headed tonthe common rooms "sooo you, me and Hilary are roommies how exciting!"  Hermione seemed overly excited to have girls to hang with I had to laugh we sat and talked for what seemed like hours I havent herd anything from him yet after everyone settled down I found myself having troubles sleeping I looked at the clock it was 930 I  nm cimbed out of bed and decided to take a look around the school I wandered around many corridors taking in all the portraits and statues and armor it was stunning "look who it is boys my little neighbor" I grimaced "Malfoy I was hoping me getting into gryffindore I wouldnt see your slimy face now if ypu dont mind im going to leave" "so decided to become a traider huh I thought younwere smarter than that" "malfoy me getting into gryffindore doesnt make me any less a pureblood im just not cold hearted like some" I tryed to walk away when he grabbed my arm spun me around and pushed me against the wall "back off Malfoy" "if your daddy knew you were in gryffindore he would disown you in a heartbeat" "I havent seen my father since the coward left me and my mother years ago I could careless what he thinks" I shoved him off of me and walked away when he grabbed me again "wait til your little friends find out who your dad is and youll regret talking to me like this" "you dont scare me Malfoy so go to hell" I snatched my arm back and walked back to the common room I wemt upstairs to bed and forgot about my encounter with malfoy.


I woke up the next morning to get ready for class I put on my uniform and put my hair up in a pony tail and put on my faceand met Hermione and the boys in the common room "morning guys" I said with a smile "morning Rei" Harry said smiling "so we ave potions first" Hermine said cheerfully " woah Hermione your awful excited about class" Ron rolled his eyes "you should see her during exams shes 10 times worse" "I cant help it I love learning and books" "we know" Harry and Ronsaid in unison I laughed when my phone buzzed:


"Morning beautiful how'd you sleep?"

"Great you"

"good what class are you headed to"

"potions you"

"Same so your in slytherin or gryffindore right"

"right gryffindore"

"ooo im in slytherin"

"Nice our houses hate each other" 

"better get going class starts in10 minutes"




the trio and I headed to the potions room "it's weird not going to the dungon for potions" "it is a hit odd but exciting to learn from professor Slughorn hes one of  the best potion masters in centurys" "figures she would say that" Ron muttered to Harry I laughed "you guys are cute" I said smiling Ron and Hermione looked at each other than at me in disgust we walked into potions I sat with Hermione and looked around the room my mystery man was in this room the bell rang for class but no professor murmers filled the room "look a mudblood amd a blood traitor at one table I scowled at Malfoy "dont you have a girl to screw or a first year to annoy?" "No id rather annoy you ma my friends woth. Mud blood you sunk lower than I thought you would what would your father think" "for en one Malfoy Hermione is an amazing sweet person better friend then what you have and second like ive said before my dad left me and my mom when I was a Baby I could careless what he thinks now go back to your girlfriends and leave me alone" "im not even..." he was stopped when someone tapped his shoulder "I believe the lady said to go away take your seat Mr . Malfoy" behind him stood professor slughorn he scowled at me and walked away "ok then sorry about the delay class was in a meeting now start taking notes on chapter one and we will go over it we are going to learn about the Amortentia potion also known as the love potion" chatter irrupted dc through the room "which is something very hard to kernand understand so no ok ideas please" he sat down and all you could hear was quills on parchment my phone buzzed

"man this is boring" I looked around maybe see if anyone had their phone out and unfortunate for me half the class did finally class ended found out most thd classes I had were with slytherin I spent most the time trying to find Mr. Mystery but had zero luck later on that night I sat in the common room and started designin my dress when someone sat down next to me "wow thats beautiful" thanks hilary I love designing dresses I even sew" "do-do you think you ould design me one?" I smiled "id love to" she told me what she was wanting and I came up with he perfect dress "oh my I love it" she hugged me "your awesome" "aww thanks anytime" finally it was time for bed.



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