Being a Caniff.... Maybe?

Piper has had a rough past. She had lost her parents when she was young. She has been in the adoption center ever since. Until one day she gets adopted by the biggest youtube sensations. Will she learn to love them or will it turn out the same way ass all the other times she was adopted?

Cover was made by @Ziree and I love it thank you so much.... If you are writing a story and you want a new cover and hop on to her page and go to her Cover Store and ask her to make you one..... Thanks Guy's


1. Introducing Myself

***Authors note: This first chapter will be short but the ones after that will be long so please don't stop reading..... Thanks Jenna Duffy

Hi my names Piper Marie, I never knew what my last name was I’m adopted, well not yet anyway. I am 16 years old, I live in the Sunny Side Up Orphanage. I was brought here when I was three, my parents had died in a house fire and I had no other family members I could live with. Ever since I was brought here I have been in and out of the orphanage.

I have long brown wavy hair I have my lip, ears, and nose pierced, I have snake bites on my lips and I have my septum and a regular nose piercing. I also have very light skin, my body is very petite. I’m also really short for my age.

    **This is what I look like... At the end of every chapter when I add someone new I will put in a picture of them so you know what they look like.  


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