Being a Caniff.... Maybe?

Piper has had a rough past. She had lost her parents when she was young. She has been in the adoption center ever since. Until one day she gets adopted by the biggest youtube sensations. Will she learn to love them or will it turn out the same way ass all the other times she was adopted?

Cover was made by @Ziree and I love it thank you so much.... If you are writing a story and you want a new cover and hop on to her page and go to her Cover Store and ask her to make you one..... Thanks Guy's


4. Chapter 3

Piper’s P.O.V

I had finished unpacking a few minutes ago, I am currently sitting on my bed enjoying the softness compared to the beds we have at the orphanage. The bed at the orphanage are like sleeping on a rock.... It's not very comfortable.

Just then I got called down stairs by Taylor "PIPER!" I hurry up and run down the stairs to see what he wants. "Yeah, Taylor." I reply when I reach him at the bottom of the stairs. "I wanted to know what you would like to eat for dinner?" Taylor asks with a lot of happiness laced into his voice. “Ummmm….. I don’t know…. That’s a tough decision…. I’m fat and just like a lot of different kinds of food.” I reply back with lots of humor in my voice. He laughs at me and says “ I relate, do you like spicy food?”  “OMG YASSSS….” I scream out in reply laughing afterwards. “ Would you like some Thai food?” He asks. “ I’ve never had it…. But I have always wanted to try it.” “ Okay I will order something for you.” “Okay”

I head back up to my room and sit in my room. I hear a knock at my door “COME IN!” I yell. Sammy comes in, “Hey you want to play Ps4 with me?” He asks with hope in his voice. I swear I seen him slightly blush, but I just brushed it off. "Ummm... I don't know how to play." I reply slightly sad and embarrassed. "It's okay, I'll teach you." he replies back with a smile. His smile could make anyone's day better, it's so bright and happy. He is just beautiful period. "Okay." I say back to him returning the smile.

I have been playing the game with the guys for the last two hours. I am oddly really good at it even though I’ve never played before. We were playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, we were currently playing zombies and we had made it all the way to level sixty-seven. “I thought you said you have never played before, damn lil ma” I hear someone say from beside me. I turn my head to see that it was Skate. “ First of all, no I haven’t ever played before. I guess it’s just natural talent. And second don’t call me lil ma. I am not one of your little side hoes that you can just push around and call them whatever you want.” I spit back at him. I hate being called that it brings back bad memories. I hear a chorus of “oohh's” and I smirk.

The doorbell rings causing us all to look at the door.

Taylor gets up and goes to the door. A few moments later he called us all out to the kitchen. I got up and went to the kitchen the only chair left to sit in was between Sammy and Gilinsky, so I sat between them. “ I have a question for all of you.” I heard a chorus of “yeah” and “what’s up?” So I proceeded with my question, “How old are all of you guys?”


Nash: 18

Cameron: 19

Taylor: 19

Shawn: 17

Sammy: 17

Matt: 16

Hayes: 14

Skate: 17

Gilinsky: 16

Johnson: 16


Aaron: 16

Carter: 16


“Aye lit, I’m not the youngest of the group.” I laughed. I heard Sammy mumble something under his breath that sounding something along the lines of “Damn her laugh is so adorable”. I blushed slightly.

After I was done eating I excused myself to my bedroom. I went in my bathroom and brushed my teeth. After I brushed my teeth I walked into my room and went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and a random t-shirt. I changed and layed on my bed, I soon felt my eyelids getting heavy and drifted off into a dreamless peaceful sleep.


Taylor’s P.O.V


I went upstairs to check on Piper. As I was walking upstairs I seen Sammy walk out of her room. “Hey, what were you doing in there?” I asked with concern written on my face. “I was just checking on her. I really like her Taylor. I don’t know what to do.” Sammy sad with sadness laced into his voice. “Ask her once she gets used to us and everything.” “Really?!?! I can, your allowing me to date her.” Yeah, I mean I trust you. I know you won’t hurt her, and if you do I will cut off your dick and shove it down your throat.” “Thanks Taylor, I owe you one. And I would never hurt her.”

I continue down the hallway and to Piper’s room. I open the door quietly and poked my head in. I looked at her bed and notice that she was asleep. I shut the door and walk to my room.

I do my night time routine and get ready for bed. I didn’t realize how tired I was until my head hit the pillow. I fell asleep soon after.




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