Being a Caniff.... Maybe?

Piper has had a rough past. She had lost her parents when she was young. She has been in the adoption center ever since. Until one day she gets adopted by the biggest youtube sensations. Will she learn to love them or will it turn out the same way ass all the other times she was adopted?

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3. Chapter 2

Piper’s P.O.V

The guy on the right had short dark brown hair, amazing green orbs, and looked to be like 5’5, he was so cute. The guy on the left was wearing a bandanna, he had light brown hair, looked to be about 5’9, and had brown eyes. “ Hi, Im Piper.” “Hi, Piper I’m Taylor and this is Sam, I’m the one who adopted you.” “Okay well can I go pack my stuff please.” I’ll help,” Sam says with so much joy I think he could explode.

I go up stairs with Sam following closely behind. “So, what could I help with, Paisley?” I hear him say from behind me. “Well you could get the clothes out of the closet,” I say pointing over to where the closet is. “Okay,” He says.

He starts pulling clothes out of my closet and placing them in the suitcase. I walked over to my dresser and taking all of the stuff out it and placing it into the suitcase along with the clothes from the closet.  I then moved on to the bathroom to grab my lady products and other things.

After I was all packed I grabbed my stuff ad walked downstairs to see Taylor there waiting. “Do you have anyone here you would like to say goodbye to?” Taylor asks. “ Uh, no I don’t really have any friends…” I answer with a hint of sadness in my voice. “It’s okay, you will make plenty of friends with us. And besides the other guys will love you.” “ Other guys, what do you mean” “oh, don’t worry they are my friends but we all live in the same house there are nine of us.” “okay”.

We walk out to his car which is a really nice Jeep. Jeeps are my favorite type of cars…. Well right behind a Lamborghini, those are my top favorite though. I get in the back seat after putting my stuff in the far back. Sam gets in the passenger and Taylor gets in the drivers. “Do you have a phone?” Taylor asks looking into the rear view mirror. “Uhh, no. We aren’t allowed to have phones in the orphanage.” I reply back to him.

We arrive about ten minutes later to a HUGE house. It looks like one of those houses that you see in the movies. It’s so beautiful. “Woah” i say with amazement evident in  my voice. “ Is this where you live?” “Well now it’s where we live…. It will be you, the other guys, and I. You will meet them when you get inside.

We Walk in the door after getting my bags. As soon as I walk in the door a bunch of guys and one girl run to the door.

“WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!” I hear them all yell with lots of excitement. They all introduce themselves “I’m Hayes’ “Nash” “Cameron” “Aaron” “Carter” “Jack Gilinsky, but you can call me Gilinsky” “Jack Johnson, you can call me JJ” “Mahogany” “Nate or Skate” “Shawn”

After meeting all the guys Taylor brought me up to my room. As we were walking up the stair he turns to me and says “We can go to ‘Best Buy’ tomorrow to get more stuff for your room like decorations and such.” I reply with a simple “Ok.” He walks me to a door that has a pattern of different types of flowers on it. It was really pretty. This is what the door looked like (Minus the picture of the family on it).

He opened the door “This is your room.” I walked in and was speechless. The walls were teal, there was a california king sized bed, a white desk, a 50 inch flat screen tv hanging on the wall. In one corner of the room there was a door that led to my own bathroom. In the other corner of the room there was another door that led to a huge walk in closet. " I will leave you to unpack, after you tell me how you like your new room." I hear Taylor say from behind me. " I love it, its amazing, thank you." I say with a lot of excitement in my voice.


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